Trump, prophetic / Breitbart employees revolting / New pollution threat

TRUMP, PROPHETIC? Days after President Trump seemingly incorrectly blamed immigrants for a run of violence in Sweden, riots broke out Monday in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood near Stockholm.
 Norway ready to chip in to counteract Trump’s global anti-abortion move.

DEVELOPING: NEW IMMIGRATION CRACKDOWN. CNN has details on the Trump administration’s revised plan for aggressive enforcement of immigration laws—including what may be a massive expansion of the number of people detained and deported. 
 Dozens of migrants’ bodies wash up on the shores of Libya.

‘I CANNOT IN GOOD FAITH SERVE THIS ADMINISTRATION.’ A CIA veteran explains why he’s quitting.
 Trump’s new pick for national security adviser wrote a book calling out the U.S. government for “lies” that led to the Vietnam War.

BREITBART EMPLOYEES REVOLTING. A senior editor tells Washingtonian “at least a half-dozen” staffers are ready to leave the company if senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t fired for seemingly having endorsed pedophilia.
 He’s lost at least one book deal.
 Why conservatives liked him in the first place.
 He’s planning a public statement this afternoon.

‘SO MANY ISSUES, SO LITTLE SIGN.’ That was among the placards at Monday’s “Not My Presidents Day” protest in Chicago.
 No sooner did Square muse on Facebook about the need for a calendar to track all the Trump-related protests around the country than one appeared, courtesy of Michael Moore.
 New York attorney general aims to become “Trump’s No. 1 enemy.”

‘THE WHOLE POINT WAS TO SCARE AND DISRUPT.’ That’s the assessment of a Jewish Community Center executive director after bomb threats closed at least 10 JCCs in Chicago and around the country.
 Hillary Clinton presses Trump to condemn antisemitism.
 The U.S. Justice Department is investigating.

‘IN THIS AMERICA HOPE IS FADING, NOT GROWING.’ A Guardian reporter finds that, outside urban bubbles, the phrase “America already is great” rings hollow.
 A New Trier Township High School District board meeting spotlights the Trump divide among some of the Chicago area’s wealthiest residents.
 New Trier employee accused of stealing at least $10,000.

NEW POLLUTION THREAT. Air monitors on Chicago’s East Side have detected alarming—and somewhat mysterious—levels of a pollutant associated with nerve system damage, learning difficulties, memory loss and anxiety.
 Trump is reportedly planning executive orders to roll back Obama-era climate and water regulations.

MAINLY BECAUSE IT’S CHEAP. Springfield, Ill., ranks slightly above the midpoint in WalletHub’s listing of “Best State Capitals to Live in.”
 Illinois’ official seal may have the state’s birthday wrong.

‘I OVERSEE ABOUT 250 ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.’ The editor of the Dallas Morning News reveals the truth about those upon whom President Trump has declared war.
 Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein: “Trump’s attacks on the American press … are more treacherous than Richard Nixon’s.”
 A woman walks up to a journalist in a bar

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 Expatriate Illinoisan Guy Postlewait has pushed the Square mailing list past the No. 600 milestone. Who’ll be No. 700?
 The most-clicked link in the last edition of Square? By far, it was this.

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