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#FINETUNEDMACHINE. President Trump’s administration is considering mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. The Los Angeles Times reports the president’s aides have identified at least two ways to quietly end protections for people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children—without the president’s fingerprints.

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. The New York Times recaps Trump’s epic defense of his administration so far.

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. Trump’s supporters loved it.

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. A White House insider tells NPR that operations under Trump are “an absolute effing trainwreck.”

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. A friend says Ret. Vice Adm. Bob Harward considered Trump’s request he become National Security Adviser “a sh-t sandwich.”

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. The Washington Post: The Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a “logistical nightmare”—at taxpayer expense.

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. One Trump administration official has written about nuclear apocalypse, men’s style and fine wines in what The Intercept says total about 40,000 separate posts on the site Styleforum.net.

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. Congressional Republicans are getting worried.

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. But, Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce writes, Republicans “have no interest in taking the wheel from Toonces the Driving Cat until they get their tax cuts and their deregulation and their privatization and, if the car goes plunging off the cliff altogether, it’s a small price to pay.”

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. Onion or ABC News headline? “Trump asks black reporter to schedule meeting with Congressional Black Caucus.”

#FINETUNEDMACHINE. … and Twitter goes nuts.

‘SHEPARD SMITH SHOULD BE FIRED.’ A prominent Fox News anchor slammed Trump’s performance, and now Trump supporters are calling for his removal.
Another Fox News anchor’s reportedly in talks to join Trump’s State Department.

TRUMP’S TWO CHICAGOS. The president is mixing some acknowledgment of the city’s good with its bad.
 John Kass: “I haven’t seen any work from President Trump on Chicago, only a lot of talk. … But eventually, people get tired of talk.”
 Chicago Magazine lists 67 reasons to love Chicago.

ONE WAY TO GET OUT OF ILLINOIS FASTER. The state senator who sponsored an increase in the speed limit to 70 now wants to push it to 75.
 A University of Chicago executive says this is how to solve Illinois’ financial puzzle.

KETCHUP WITH THAT? The answer from Unilever—maker of Dove soap and Lipton tea among others—is no, as it at least preliminarily rejects Chicago-based Kraft Heinz Co.’s offer of what would be the largest-ever food- or beverage-industry takeover.
 Layoffs at DNAinfo.com/Chicago.

AT&T, UNLIMITED. The company is joining the competitive fray, resuming its offer of unlimited data for customers—without a requirement they sign up for TV service.
 A judge has cleared a blind man to sue McDonald’s over drive-through-only ordering times of day.

ZUCKERBERG, ANNOTATED. The Guardian’s Alex Hern analyzes what Facebook’s founder said and what he didn’t in a 5,700-word manifesto published yesterday.
 Tech writer Steven Levy: Zuckerberg’s sees “a global crisis where humanity itself has … descended into tribalism.”

HAPPY ‘DAY OF FACTS.’ Chicago’s Field Museum and other institutions may be risking their federal funding, Neil Steinberg says, by joining today’s international movement to share important truths.
 Chicago’s set for record-breaking warm weather.
 … and more crime?

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