Oscars' gutsiest guy / Chicago's deadliest street for pedestrians

OSCARS’ GUTSIEST GUY. BuzzFeed says at least one “La La Land” producer seems to have known before he took the mic to deliver an acceptance speech that his movie hadn’t won the Best Picture award.
Frame by frame, Quartz tracks the erroneous announcement.
 The whole scene on video, start to finish.
 The Oscars’ accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, takes the blame and apologizes for a mistake that threatens its hard-won reputation.
 A roundup of headlines from around the world: “Oh God. It’s the wrong envelope.”
 The screwup caught at least one newspaper flat-footed.
 What President Trump (apparently) missed: The Washington Post ranks nine political jokes at the Oscars, worst to best.

 The 2016 presidential election memes practically wrote themselves. (Image: Jen Lewis on Twitter.)
 Forbes contributor: Warren Beatty’s explanation echoes Trump.
 … And what went right: Denzel Washington “married” a Chicago couple.

TRUMP’S ‘COSTLY MISTAKE.’ A Chicago Tribune editorial condemns the president’s failure to recognize that “immigrants are a net positive for the U.S.
 Lawmakers in at least 30 states are plotting a coordinated response to the president’s policies.

W ON TRUMP, RUSSIA: ‘WE ALL NEED ANSWERS.’ Former President George W. Bush says the nation needs to know more about the present president’s connection to Vladimir Putin’s government.
 For the first time, a Republican in Congress is calling for an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.
 AP sources: Trump’s budget would increase defense spending, cut environmental programs.

UPDATE, 5:18 p.m. Something went wrong and this hasn't (yet) posted to Facebook for reasons that remain mysterious. Stay tuned for updates. And apologies to all concerned:
WRIGHT LANDMARK REBORN. Join Chicago Public Square today around 1:30 p.m. (Central Time) for a Facebook Live video sneak peek inside a world-renowned building closed to the world for almost two years: Frank Lloyd Wright’s remarkable—and remarkably flawed—masterpiece, Unity Temple. It won’t reopen to the public until June, but Square will get ya in today. Follow Square on Facebook here to get an an alert when the tour begins. (Can’t join live? Check in later to see how it went.)

‘LIKE BEING KICKED OUT OF AN ORGY FOR GRABBING SOMEBODY’S ASS.’ Neil Steinberg comes to the defense of ABC7 sportscaster Mark Giangreco, suspended beginning today for referring to Trump on Twitter as a “cartoon lunatic” and Americans as “a country full of simpletons.”
 Trump seemingly resisted Jimmy Kimmel’s Twitter-bait during the Oscars.

CHICAGO’S DEADLIEST STREET FOR PEDESTRIANS. A Tribune analysis of the stats for 2014-16 finds it’s a road with relatively few traffic lights, encouraging jaywalking—and depopulation, encouraging people to drive faster.
 A veteran traffic reporter may be out after 17 years at Chicago’s top-rated radio station.

‘RING OF FIRE.’ The year’s first solar eclipse has given the Southern Hemisphere stunning views of the sun behind the moon.

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