Jimmy Kimmel's tale / A Trump reset? / CVS closings

JIMMY KIMMEL’S TALE. His side of the Oscars goof story, as told on his show Monday night: “You just kind of figure, ‘Well, the host will go onstage and clear this up.’ And then I remember: ‘Oh—I’m the host.’”
 That guy under the bus? A PwC accountant who happens to look a lot like Matt Damon.
 The most-clicked link—by far—in yesterday’s Chicago Public Square (and possibly in Square’s brief history): Oscars’ gutsiest guy.
 “Gary from Chicago” is still listed as an inmate at a California prison.

‘I DEEPLY RESENT BEING FORCED BY A CIVIL AUTHORITY TO TAKE A SIDE IN SUCH A HOT-BUTTON ISSUE.’ Debate has broken out on Orland Park’s Facebook page over the 2017 “Blue Lives Matter”-themed village vehicle sticker. The ACLU tells the Daily Southtown the village should offer residents an alternative.
 U.S. Atty. Gen. Sessions calls Obama administration findings on Chicago Police abuses “pretty anecdotal and not so scientifically based.”

‘IT’S ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE THAT HE COULD BE TAKEN AWAY.’ In a southern Illinois town where voters solidly voted for Donald Trump, residents are rallying behind an immigrant detained for deportation.
Trump team’s goal: To slow the rapid change of U.S. demographics.
 Oxford Dictionaries adds “climate refugee” to its official collection. (Also: “Sausage fest.”)

A TRUMP RESET? The president’s first address to Congress tonight gives him a chance to reframe his mission. Or not.
 A checklist of things to note during the broadcast.
 Republicans in Congress are uneasy about Trump’s message tonight on health care—especially so after his assertion Monday that “nobody knew health care could be so complicated” and as a growing number of voters in Trump strongholds like Kentucky express fear of losing their coverage.
 Trump blames Obama for protests against his presidency.
 New York’s late Mayor Ed Koch left behind posthumous attacks in his epic feud with Trump.

‘THE PRODUCT THEY’RE PITCHING IS OUTRAGE.’ BuzzFeed has tracked ownership of easily agitated liberal and conservative websites back to the same company.
CORRECTION, 4:02 p.m.:  The following item dates back to November and should not have been included.  The president held an off-the-record session Monday with TV network anchors and executives. But some details have leaked. This was Trump's off-the-record meeting with the media Monday. Thanks to reader Reed Pence for flagging the mistake.
 Visiting Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart shares advice for the media: “Take up a hobby. I recommend journalism.”
 Editors and grammar experts are seeing their fortunes rise on the internet.

‘HARMON MAY NOT HAVE VIOLATED ANY SENATE RULES … BUT … THE RULES THEMSELVES ARE INADEQUATE.’ After an investigation of the ethical challenges raised by the Illinois Senate president pro tempore’s law firm’s work for the state, a Sun-Times editorial calls for change.
 USA Today investigation: Taxpayers are footing the bills for a boom in first-class congressional foreign travel.

CVS CLOSINGS. Eleven Chicago locations are set to disappear this year.
 Chicago’s post-Dominick’s grocery-store building boom is slowing down.
 Chicago’s experimenting with a back-to-basics model for residential recycling.

TATTLE BEAR. A company that designed teddy bears to let children and parents share voice messages allowed two million of those messages and 800,000 user credentials to leak onto the internet.
 New FCC boss says internet neutrality was a mistake.

NONSTOP TO CHAMPAIGN. United Airlines is adding flights between Chicago and a number of other smaller Midwest cities.
 SpaceX says it plans to fly two tourists around the moon next year.

SOMETHING WASN’T WRIGHT. As close followers of Square may have noticed, yesterday’s Facebook Live broadcast from the landmark-under-restoration Unity Temple didn’t come off as planned. Apologies to all. Watch for something else along those lines soon.
 Some publishers note stagnation in Facebook Live viewership.

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