Nordstrom: No Ivanka / Louvre attack / The Oscars and politics

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NORDSTROM: NO IVANKA. The department store chain says it won’t be selling this season’s line of fashion from President Trump’s daughter.
 ProPublica: Ivanka Trump promised to quit the family business—but she hasn’t filed the paperwork.

TRUMP TWITTERSTORM. The president tapped out a series of words early Friday, setting up what the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet calls “storylines of the day.”
 OK, does this qualify as a lie from Kellyanne Conway?
 Pastor admits Chicago’s “top gang thugsdidn’t back Trump.

OBAMA’S BIGGEST MISTAKE? Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch says it was a failure to signal “that torture not only violated America’s core values but was against the law”—something Bunch says meant “Donald Trump could run for president explicitly promising to bring it back.”
 Despite Trump’s pledge to overturn many of Obama’s foreign policies, The New York Times reports he’s somewhat surprisingly coming around to Obama’s ways of thinking.
 Obama-themed clothing line debuts.
 Activists are planning a “mass mooning” of Chicago's Trump Tower.

LOUVRE ATTACK. Police say a French soldier guarding Paris’ world-famous art museum shot a man who tried to attack a security patrol with a machete.
 At the European Union summit, France’s president is leading the criticism of Donald Trump.

MICROSOFT’S PLEA. It’s asking the feds to exempt its and other companies’ employees from the Trump administration’s executive order restricting entry or re-entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.
 A doctor shut out of the U.S. by Trump’s travel ban is back in Chicago after three lawyers sued the president on his behalf.

‘WE’RE PRETTY HUMDRUM. WE’RE JUST A BAKERY.’ After 88 years, Chicago’s Swedish Bakery is closing.
 Krispy Kreme giving away free donuts with coffee beginning Monday through the end of the month.

THE OSCARS AND POLITICS. Awards-show producers are trying to craft an approach that won’t turn off Trump supporters. You may see some abrupt cuts to commercial.
U.S. travel ban has Hollywood “in a panic.”
 FiveThirtyEight: “Zootopia” will probably win an Oscar.

EXIT, STAGE LEFT. Reddit has shut down two of its biggest alt-right message boards.
 J.J. Abrams is working on a movie about Nazi monsters.

1. Fukushima nuclear plant radiation levels have reached their highest level since the meltdown in 2011.
2. The quest for minerals used in mobile phones threatens gorillas with extinction.
 So far through this winter, Chicago’s received less snow than it has in any year since 1900. WGN-TV’s Tom Skilling has details.

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