August 21, 2017

We didn't ask people to say nice things about Chicago Public Square.

But the compliments keep coming.

  “I read two news feeds daily, The New York Times’ and yours. I find yours more informative and displaying greater wit and gravitas.”
  It’s turned into my morning must-read.”
 Your news feed is the finest, both for national and local issues.”
 “Ever since I subscribed it’s making me late for work.”
 Hooray! I have found a new way to stay in touch with Chicago!”
 “I’m really enjoying Chicago Public Square in my email. … You are doing fine work.”
 Congrats for making it a must-read in such a short time.”
 “It’s smart, concise and interesting.”
 Love this newsletter.”
 “It’s a great read … and it’s free. I never miss it.”

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