What Stormy said / Shhh / ‘One of the most joyful rock documentaries ever made’

What Stormy said. The AP recaps key moments in Donald Trump’s criminal trial testimony from adult film star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.
Historian Heather Cox Richardson: “The testimony was damaging enough that Trump’s lawyers asked for a mistrial, which Judge Juan Merchan denied, noting that the lawyers had not objected to much of the testimony and must assume at least some responsibility for that.”
Law prof Joyce Vance: “The prosecution’s case is going well.”
After Trump could be heard repeatedly cursing during Daniels’ testimony, the judge laid down the law for defense lawyers: “That’s contemptuous. … I won’t tolerate that.”
Esquire’s Charlie Pierce: “Daniels testified that Trump is a terrible date.”
Public Notice columnist Noah Berlatsky: Her statements serve as “a reminder that contempt and mistreatment of women is a core theme of Trump’s life.”
Incredulous at Daniels’ revelation that Trump called her “honeybunch” and told her she reminded him of his daughter, Trump’s niece Mary L. Trump writes, “I can reveal this to you now: Honeybunch is my family’s preferred term of endearment.”
Late Night host Seth Meyers: “Daniels testified today in President Trump’s hush money trial. So Trump technically slept with her again.”
A Trump-appointed judge has postponed indefinitely a trial date in the classified documents case against him.

Scorecards, get your scorecards. Axios recaps where Chicago-area institutions stand in their responses to protests against the war in Gaza.
Chicago cops’ behavior at a Saturday protest near the Art Institute—including an officer who pushed two protesters in the head with his open hand—is under investigation.
President Biden sees a “ferocious” surge of antisemitism.
Columnist, ex-Sun-Times CEO and former Chicago Ald. Edwin Eisendrath: Biden “stands on the moral high ground, pursuing a lasting and just peace despite resistance from both Hamas and the Netanyahu government while acting to limit the risk of a far wider war.”
PolitiFact pours cold water on the “outside agitator” narrative.
Rick Perlstein at The American Prospect: “The response to college protests against the war on Gaza exemplifies the darkness of the Trumpocene.”

Shhh. The Chicago City Council’s moving toward quieting anti-abortion protesters by establishing a noise-free zone outside a downtown clinic.
Abortion rights advocates tell NOTUS Biden’s campaign ads are “furthering abortion stigma” by focusing on only “the good kind.”
Politico: Biden comes to Chicago today—as Mayor Johnson heads to Springfield.
Eater Chicago raises the prospect that, as this summer’s Democratic National Convention lures both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to town, we could see a reignition of Chicago’s pizza wars.

Landmarks Illinois’s new list of the state’s nine most endangered historic places includes three in Chicago.

‘The airlines’ secret billion-dollar refund racket is set to end.’ The Lever’s gleeful that its reporting has pushed Congress to restore to an FAA funding bill a promise of automatic refunds for passengers whose flights are canceled or delayed …
 … with credit to an unlikely bipartisan team: Sens. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, and Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican.

‘One of the most joyful rock documentaries ever made.’ Variety’s Owen Gleiberman says the restored Beatles documentary Let It Be, remastered and rereleased on Disney+ today, is much more uplifting than the original—and not just because of the tech …
 … but his colleague Jem Aswad says it’s still sad.
The Sun-Times’ Richard Roeper gives a new Hulu series, Black Twitter: A People’s History, 3 1/2 stars.
Tedium proprietor Ernie Smith: “John Mulaney’s pop-up Netflix show Everybody’s In L.A. is my absolute new favorite thing.”

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