Don’t vote dumb / ‘There was screaming’ / Steinborg

Welcome back. Let’s dive into what’s news now:

Don’t vote dumb. After a delay to remove a judicial candidate’s name from ballots, early voting for the March 19 primary resumes Wednesday in Chicago …
 … which means it’s time again for Chicago Public Square’s (newly and more forthrightly rebranded) Voter Guide Guide.
 Former Chicago City Council member and political science professor emeritus Dick Simpson makes a case for the “Bring Chicago Home” referendum at the bottom of the ballot.

‘Putin-enabling fools.’ A Tribune editorial condemns the reaction of the Republican Party’s “pro-Putin wing”—including “Donald Trump the helpful narcissist and Tucker Carlson the useful clown”—to the death of Russian rebel Alexei Navalny.
 Ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “What does Putin have on … Trump that he always has to be beholden to him, his buddy in vileness?”
 In his second go-round back at The Daily Show anchor desk, Jon Stewart rejected those critics—including Trump’s niece Mary—contending that his “both-sides bullshit about President Biden’s age” is helping Trump (Feb. 13 link): “It was 20 minutes! I did 20 minutes of one [bleep]ing show!
 Journalism critic Mark Jacob slams New York Times coverage of the presidential campaign: “The Times seems to make the defense of democracy a lower priority than appearing ‘balanced’ on Democrats vs. Republicans.”
 The new golden sneakers Trump’s selling—in the words of USA Today’s Rex Huppke—“look exactly like the kind of sneaker you’d expect from a man who created a fake university named after himself and then had to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits accusing him of fraud.”

‘From the beginning of the day to the end … there was screaming.’ Chicago doctors who’ve been treating patients in Gaza tell the Sun-Times conditions there resemble a “post-apocalyptic movie.”
 The U.S. planned to kill a United Nations resolution calling for an Israel-Hamas ceasefire.

‘It just sounded … like bang!Sun-Times watchdog Stephanie Zimmermann documents the problem of Honda HR-V rear windows suddenly shattering.
 Honda’s planning a fix later this year, but Consumer Reports—one of whose test cars suffered the same fate—is calling for a formal government recall.
 You can read hundreds of motorist complaints about this car here …
 … and report your vehicle’s safety issues here.

Oops! Popular Information assesses Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ concession that his book-banning crusade has gone too far.
 In a moving edition of his Doonesbury comic strip, Garry Trudeau imagines the classroom of a courageous Florida teacher.
 Modeling an Illinois law, Maryland lawmakers are pushing a “Freedom to Read Act.”
 Also up in Springfield: Legislation clearing doctors to prescribe life-ending drugs for the terminally ill.

Big Deals Dept.
 Probably not great news for Chicago-area employment: Capital One aims to acquire Riverwoods-based Discover—once part of the Sears empire.
 In an acquisition seemingly aimed at Roku—and grabbing a bigger share of the smart-TV ad bizWalmart plans to buy TV maker Vizio.
 Expatriate Chicagoan Mike Gold is giddy over a Wicker Park Walgreens’ transformation into a bookstore.

‘For revealing secret, lavish and highly questionable gifts that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has received for decades from wealthy benefactors …’ ProPublica’s won a prestigious George Polk Award.
 HBO’s John Oliver’s offering Thomas $1 million a year for life—also tossing in a $2 million tour bus—if he quits the court …
 … but the deal expires in a month.
 If you’ve gotten used to seeing Oliver’s show free on YouTube—and in Chicago Public Square—the next day, sorry about this.

Steinborg. Poking the AI bear, Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg prompted Google’s Gemini software to “write a column defending the use of artificial intelligence in the style of Neil Steinberg” …
 … and the paper then asked the DALL-E AI image generator for an illustration:
 Compare and contrast: Here’s what Gemini whipped out in response to the prompt “Summarize Sunday’s Chicago news in the style of”

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