‘A cease-fire has to be the first step’ / TV or not TV? / Gmail purge

‘A cease-fire has to be the first step.’ Surveying the heartbreaking carnage in the Middle East, HBO’s John Oliver concludes that “continuing down this path only creates more extremists” …
… and that “breaking that cycle is unfortunately going to require leadership significantly different than the ones currently in place.”
Pro-Israel Political Update columnist Steve Sheffey: A cease-fire’s results would include “Hamas left in place … with the capacity and stated intent to repeat Oct. 7– again and again and again.”
Jews demanding a cease-fire gathered at the Ogilvie Transportation Center this morning (video livestreamed on Instagramin an attempt to shut down the Israeli Consulate there.
Self-described “culturally Jewish” political commentator Marj Halperin* writes, “If I were the praying type, I’d be begging for a ceasefire.”
Neil Steinberg: “The only way out is for each side to cool down, look around, try to empathize with one another.”

‘Vermin.’ Donald Trump used that word to describe his political opposition.
An expert in fascism on Trump’s rant: “It doesn’t echo Mein Kampf; this is textbook Mein Kampf.”
The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes: “Underneath the verbal clownishness Trump is telling us … exactly what he intends to do.”
Ex-Trib and Sun-Times editor Mark Jacob: “Don’t let the media blame Democrats for the looming shutdown.”
Public Notice: Trump sycophant Stephen Miller’s “America First Legal” is “racking up wins advancing a deeply reactionary agenda.”
Trump challenger Sen. Tim Scott’s out of the presidential race
… giving him more time with his girlfriend.

TV or not TV? Trump’s joined media outlets in pushing for the broadcast of his federal election interference trial in D.C.
… but self-described “leftist” columnist Lauren Martinchek warns, “The man wants this televised because he would use that level of publicity as a weapon.”
Ahead of Trump lawyers’ presentation in his New York fraud case, law professor Joyce Vance recommends watching “the spectacular legal film My Cousin Vinny, as you contemplate the way Trump’s lawyers conduct themselves in court.”
Among those indicted with Trump in Georgia: An Orland Park minister.

‘We had been awake for almost two days straight, making sure that we kept our place in line, and then all of a sudden it was canceled.’ Migrants seeking official identification have been crushed by City Clerk Anna Valencia’s decision to cancel events at which they could get the City ID cards they need to apply for jobs.
One family is giving up and heading back to Venezuela, telling the Tribune, “The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore.”

‘I hate it.’ A co-owner of Chicago’s celebrated—but admittedly run-down—seafood joints, Calumet Fisheries, vows to reopen
… after Chicago health inspectors shuttered it for “rodent activity.”
The Conversation: Climate change is altering animal brains and behavior.

What killed Jezebel? Columnist and author Cory Doctorow blames advertisers’ quest for “brand safety.”
Media watcher Mark Stenberg: “A publication nearly synonymous with abortion was always going to be a tough sell.”
A former Jezebel editor: “The world we live in would have been drastically different without it.”

‘Hey, fellow moms who hate books!’ Columnist Rex Huppke shares an “EXCLUSIVE and totally not-made-up internal memo” from the regressive Moms for Liberty.
Editor & Publisher: A 16-year-old’s launched a Kansas news site that’s out-reporting the local Gannett “ghost paper.”

Gmail purge. Within a few weeks, the company plans to delete millions of inactive email accounts.
If you have one, you can preserve it simply by logging in before Dec. 1.
Take a bow, John Metz, Rob Renfro, Robert Izral, Lucy Smith, Mario Greco, Janet Holden, Jen Purrenhage, Jo Patton, Robert Toon, David Mausner, Kathleen O’Brien, John Robinson, Mark Miller, Josh Mogerman, Joe Hass, Ken Hildreth, Alan Solomon, Doug Freedman, Lawrence Perlman, Bruce Dold, Gary Strokosch, Keri Lynch, Carol Hendrick, Terry Locke, Martha Intrieri, Doug Strubel, Donna Rigsbee, Elizabeth Denius, Molly Allscheid, Linda Paul, Stephen Brenner, Jerry Role, Jeanette Mancusi, Teresa Savino, Karl Schuster, Gil Herman, Dave Tan, Stephan Benzkofer, Kiki Marie-Henri, Stephen Brown, Joseph Lynn and JoBeth Halpin.
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