Library threats / ‘Oppressive’ heat / Facebook cash deadline

Library threats. Add Oak Park to the roster of suburbs whose libraries have closed after receiving “email warning of planned explosions at our locations.”
 Several north suburban libraries last week got bomb threats that proved unfounded.
 Detroit Free Press columnist Keith A. Owens: “What are MAGA Republicans afraid of? Educated white kids.”

‘Sucking up to Donald Trump 101.’ Columnist Rex Huppke counsels Republican candidates who, unlike Trump, say they will participate in Wednesday’s “festival of tail-kissing” presidential debate.
 Media watchdog Tom Jones: Asked about the charges against Trump, his rivals all seem to give the same answer.
 Columnist Neil Steinberg despairs that Trump will never go away: “At least when we die, and go to hell, we’ll know exactly what to expect.”

‘Oppressive’ heat. Chicagoans face the prospect this week of temperatures that could feel like 115 degrees …
 … maybe the city’s hottest days in a decade …
 The Sun-Times and WBEZ are live-blogging the return to school.
 The Nib cartoonist Gemma Correll runs down “Signs That The End of Summer Is Nigh”:
‘Hilary is not named for who you think.’ The Arizona Republic explains that the name of the storm drenching California was set decades before our present political milieu took shape.
 The first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years dumped more than half a year’s worth of rain on some areas …
 … sending some residents running from mudslides and climbing trees.
 Also: An earthquake.
 PolitiFact: “Joe Biden says he declared a national climate emergency. He hasn’t” …
 … but, as he headed to Maui, ravaged by the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history, he was under growing pressure to do just that.
 The Honolulu Star-Advertiser: Biden’s welcome may not be all that warm.
 A geology professor warns people not to count on technology to yank carbon dioxide from our warming atmosphere: “Changes that help one region could harm another, and the effects may not be clear until it’s too late.”

Facebook cash deadline. Friday’s the last day for anyone who’s used Facebook in the U.S. over the last 16 years to claim a cut of the cash in a $750 million data privacy lawsuit settlement (April link).
 Here’s where to file—in just a couple of minutes.

‘Escorted to her gravesite by the same police force that may have had a hand in her death.’ Small-town Kansas newspaper co-owner Joan Meyer was laid to rest Saturday, a week after succumbing amid stress attributed to raids on the paper and her home.
 Court documents shed new light on the cops’ reasons.

What you missed. If you’re not following Chicago Public Square on Facebook—you don’t have to be a member of Facebook to do that—here’s some of what you didn’t see over the weekend:
 Two respected legal scholars’ explanation that the Constitution prohibits Trump from ever being president again.
 Photographer Colin Boyle’s gripping shots of the Chicago Air and Water Show—from two planes up to 13,000 feet in the air.
 Critic Michael Phillips’ elegy for Classic Cinemas founder Willis Johnson, whose dedication “saved downtown theaters in communities across Chicagoland.”

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