Ready, set … go, Brandon / 4 robbers, 30 minutes, 10 victims / One of our rats made it

Ready, set … go, Brandon. Chicago’s next mayor, Brandon Johnson, was to be sworn in this morning at 10:30 a.m.—along with the new City Council, the city treasurer and city clerk.
You can see it on the web.
You can also line up at City Hall to congratulate him beginning at 2 p.m.
Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications has been on alert for trouble.
The Tribune contends Johnson may be “the most progressive Chicago mayor elected, possibly ever.”
 Johnson says he’ll give departing Mayor Lightfoot’s commissioners three months to find out if their visions align with his.
The @ChicagosMayor account on Twitter was at least temporarily gone …
 … its content migrated to a renamed @MayorLori56 account. (Post-inauguration update: It’s back!)
The Trib revisits 100 years of Chicago mayoral inauguration speeches.

4 robbers, 30 minutes, 10 victims. Chicago police were on the lookout for these guys.
See video caught on camera at Dickens and Kildare.

Do you know where your yard waste is? Axios exposes Chicago’s legal failures in disposal of lawn and garden castoffs.
Here’s how it’s supposed to work (2021 link).
The Conversation: Corporations use “greenwashing” to fool you into thinking they’re battling climate change.

Vice News news. Vice Media—parent of sites that also include Motherboard—has filed for bankruptcy …
 … a move that its leadership says “will strengthen the company” …
 … likely by putting it partially under control of the right’s favorite boogeyman, George Soros.

One of our rats made it. The AP reminds the world that Scabby the Rat, a symbol of the Writers Guild strike, “was actually invented by a union in Chicago around the late 1980s.”
The Wrap: The strike may in fact be accelerating Hollywood’s adoption of artificial intelligence. (2013 photo: John W. Iwanski.)
Illinois lawmakers are close to making this the first state in the nation to grant financial protection to child social media influencers.

A Turkey runoff.
The autocratic president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will face his pro-democracy challenger again in a second-round election.
Popular Information: Elon Musk’s Twitter censored itself before Sunday’s vote.
Media writer Tom Jones: Musk’s named a new Twitter CEO, but don’t bet on Musk taking a major step back.

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