‘My work is not done’ / ‘2 inches from my butt’ / ‘Wickedly funny’

‘My work is not done.’ Mayor Lightfoot’s farewell address included a vow to “roll up my sleeves in another form and fashion” …
 … a speech you can see, beginning at 45:00, here.
Mayor-elect Johnson’s choice as City Council floor leader is reassuring the business community: “Let’s collaborate. I want to hear from you: What are the issues that you’re seeing?

Five suspects. Police had rounded up at least that many in connection with the robbery and death of Chicago police officer Aréanah Preston.
Waukegan police want the public’s help in solving the shooting death of a 23-year-old Waukegan High School counselor and volleyball coach as she drove her car Saturday.

‘Two inches from my butt.’ In a Facebook post, WXRT DJ Terri Hemmert clarifies news reports about her close call with a bullet in the New Orleans shooting that left a waiter dead and one of her friends wounded.
U.S. marshals in Houston arrested a suspect in the case.

‘Residents … will be placed at additional risk of mass murder.’ Lawyers for Naperville and Illinois have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to leave in place city and state bans on assault rifles’ sale.
The Lever on “the real goal of Supreme Court corruption”: To disrupt a historical trend of Republican appointees becoming more liberal.
Columnist Robert Reich on the need for Sen. Dianne Feinstein to resign: “It’s not ageism or sexism. It’s the judiciary.”

Texas surprise. After two more mass shootings, Republicans advanced a bill that would raise to 21 the age for the purchase of semiautomatic weapons.
Cartoon: An excerpt from cartoonist Tom Tomorrow’s glimpse of a teacherbot history lesson for kids in the future.

An international incident. Noting that victims in the Brownsville, Texas, crash that killed eight were Venezuelan, Venezuela’s government wants the U.S. to investigate the prospect that the driver was motivated by “xenophobia” or “hate.”
A witness says he yelled anti-migrant insults.
He’s been charged with manslaughter as the FBI and others probed his motives.

Pipe down. 61-year-old Chicago plumber James McNamara has pleaded guilty to assaulting a federal officer in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection.
An alleged Jan. 6 rioter who wore a distinctive pink beret has been identified by an ex-boyfriend.

‘McDonald’s lied.’ A lawsuit filed by media executive Byron Allen accuses the company of breaking a commitment to send more ad dollars to Black-owned media.
It’s Allen’s second run at McDonald’s.

Fishy business. NASCAR’s takeover of Chicago’s lakefront during the first weekend of July will close the Shedd Aquarium …

‘Wickedly funny.’ Critic Richard Roeper gives four stars to BlackBerry, a new movie about the rise and fall of a transformative cell phone.
Flashback to 2006, when your Chicago Public Square columnist contributed this to the Tribune: Seven great and free things (plus one kind of stupid and free thing) your BlackBerry can do.” (Don’t ask us why this doesn’t exist on the Trib’s website but survives at Tucson.com.)

‘Newt Minow changed the world.’ Journalist Carol Marin is among those honoring the life of the iconic Chicago lawyer and former FCC chair who died Saturday at 97.

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