‘Do Not Drive’ / Sam Zell dead / Hypocrisy, thy name is Elon

‘Do Not Drive.’ Carfax estimates that more than 2.5 million vehicles—92,000 in Illinois and 70,000 in the Chicago region—remain on U.S. roads despite falling under that warning (signifying a dangerous safety issue) or similar “Park Outside” recalls (for high risk of fire) issued jointly by automakers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Check for recalls on your car—by vehicle ID number or license plate—here.
Rolling out on the South Side: New CTA electric buses.

‘This might be the most important column I’ve written in my 30 years as a syndicated columnist.’ Ask the Builder author Tim Carter sounds the alarm about lithium-ion batteries: “You need to understand the danger to your home and to you and your loved ones.”
Advisorator Jared Newman offers advice on how to pay less for tech.

‘A safer Illinois.’ Gov. Pritzker is among those hailing the Supreme Court’s refusal—for now—to block Illinois’ assault-weapons ban …
 … but, in a reminder that Illinois’ gun problems aren’t completely within its control, an Indiana man is in federal custody—accused of illegally selling a handgun that wound up in the possession of a suspect in the murder of Chicago police officer Aréanah Preston.
Prosecutors: Robbers demanded of Logan Square women “Purses! Purses!”—before shooting one of them.
Approaching the one-year anniversary of a gunman’s slaughter at Highland Park’s July 4 parade, the city’s released a guide to help residents deal with grief and trauma—but not everyone appreciates it.

‘Consequences … still reverberate.’ Launching a series of reports marking a decade since the Chicago School Board voted to shutter a national record 50 public schools—all but one, elementary buildings—WBEZ and the Sun-Times find promises broken and neighborhoods struggling.
Popular Information: A federal lawsuit contends Florida’s book bans are unconstitutional.

Despite objections from every major medical organization. Texas lawmakers have sent their governor a bill banning gender-affirming care for minors.
Columnist S.E. Cupp: Democrats—including Gov. Pritzker—risk turning off voters with their repeal of parental notification laws for minors seeking abortions.
Esquire’s Charlie Pierce: The Kentucky primary gave Republicans a gubernatorial candidate with a lot of explaining to do.

He called the Trib experience “the deal from hell” (2008 link).
The Guardian, reporting on Zell a week ago: “‘It’s hell’: Life under the American mobile home king who calls himself a ‘grave dancer.’(2007 Trib photo by Chuck Osgood: Your Chicago Public Square columnist looking on from a distance as Zell triumphantly toured the Trib newsroom.)
Its Freedom Center plant to be displaced by a casino, the Trib’s corporate sibling has a deal to buy the Daily Herald’s printing center.
The Sun-Times editorial union has a three-year deal that brings reporters’ minimum annual salary to $60,000.
The Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg considers the prospect that artificial intelligence software will replace greeting card creators.

Ouch. CNN’s chief international anchor, Christiane Amanpour, is the network’s highest-profile employee to criticize its presentation of that Donald Trump lovefest last week: “I would have dropped the mic at ‘nasty person.’
Speaking at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism commencement, she recounted her “very robust exchange of views” about the thing with CNN’s beleaguered boss.
Press Watch columnist Dan Froomkin says this is what should have happened: “You sit down without an audience in dead silence, and when he says something that is bogus, you stop him right there.”

Hypocrisy, thy name is Elon. Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter chief Elon Musk—who does almost all his work remotely—calls remote work “morally wrong.”
Speaking of remote work: The Wienermobile has a new name.

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