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Chicago Public Square returns in full Monday, after your columnist completes a trip down memory lane. Meanwhile …

Tee up your November ballot. Election Day’s just a little more than three weeks away, so make a plan with the Square voter guide.

Put on your thinking cap for a fresh Conversation news quiz. Can you beat Square’s 100%? (No, you cannot.)

Give any amount you choose to help amplify Chicago in the third annual Chicago Independent Media Alliance fundraiser—and see every dollar doubled through Monday.

Reader Matthew Tarpy writes: “I read the article about [Alex] Jones’ smirking and calling for ‘donations’ on the air as the verdict was being read, and all I could remark on social media is that there will be a very, very special place in hell for Alex Jones. The banality of his evil always continues to amaze me. There is nothing in that man’s soul.”

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