Small-town radio shame / ‘The most intense voter suppression threat in decades’ / ‘It’s deeply troubling’

Small-town radio shame. The Washington Post takes a microscope to a Central Illinois station bringing the right-wing misinformation effort local …
NewsNation—the startup network hatched from the old WGN America—has reportedly fired a correspondent who complained to the organization’s president about its decision to air two uninterrupted hours of Donald Trump’s malarkey.

The C used to stand for cable. But it might now stand for cuts at CNN.
When does “right-sizing” not mean layoffs?

‘The most intense voter suppression threat in decades.’ Reveal surveys legislative efforts in all but eight states to step up law enforcement involvement in elections.
 … but state election officials are bracing for violence at voting sites.
Three men have been convicted of terrorism after plotting to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic governor.
 The Conversation: State courts are fielding sky-high numbers of lawsuits challenging every step of the election process.

‘The latest slope in the long, terrible decline of mattering.’ Former Daily Herald editor John Lampinen mourns publications’ withdrawal from the business of endorsements, which he says “help readers better understand the newspaper that has gained their loyalty.”
NewsGuard: Facebook and Instagram policies are enabling the proliferation of dark-money political ads.
Columnist S.E. Cupp: These are the most important midterms of our lifetimes.
Tonight at 7: Illinois’ U.S. Senate candidates square off in debate.
Don’t vote dumb: Check the Chicago Public Square voter guide.

‘We need to make sure we are protecting our children.’ In an unprecedented move, the Chicago School Board is taking over two scandal-scarred charter schools that have specialized in serving Black boys.
Donda Academy, a secretive California school founded by antisemitic hate-spewer Ye (Kanye West)—and named after his late mom, Chicago State University English Department chair Donda West—is closed, “effective immediately.”
A Chicago public school named after slaveholder Daniel Boone is getting a new name.
A new candidate for Chicago mayor: Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson.

‘It’s deeply troubling.’ A Sun-Times editorial condemns the Chicago Police Department for going easy on an officer associated with the racist Proud Boys group.
A coalition of activists and alderman are pressing the City Council to finally deliver on a memorial to the victims of torture administered by disgraced (and dead) police commander Jon Burge.
Two boys, ages 7 and 15, were killed in separate Chicago shootings last night.
Chicago police are looking for this guy in connection with a series of pockets picked on the CTA.

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‘A drama that carries the ring of historical truth.’ Critic Richard Roeper gives three stars to Call Jane, a movie about Chicago’s 1960s underground abortion network.
Star Elizabeth Banks on The Daily Show: “It was 1968 in the movie, but it’s today in 14 states.”
Politico calls Amazon’s new series The Peripheral, based on a novel by science fiction writer William Gibson, “a stylish sci-fi thriller … with a little extra resonance for people who think seriously about the future.”
Back in 1993, Gibson—who first published the word cyberspace—told your Square columnist he didn’t have and didn’t want an email address.

Square mailbag. Reader Pam Spiegel writes of yesterday’s edition: “Way to be totally negative about Fetterman. … Give the guy a break. He had a frickin’ stroke not long ago. I give him a ton of credit for soldiering on. If that’s the reason he loses to a carpetbagging fraud, it will be a huge shame.”

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