Slime extrication / ‘Benchslapped’ / News quiz!

Slime extrication. Without exactly apologizing for its role in printing and distributing a chain of “pink slime” right-wing publications masquerading as local news, the management team of the Daily Herald’s parent company (in an unsigned letter) asserts a desire to “extract ourselves from this politically charged environment” and pledges to cancel the deal.
That followed Gov. Pritzker’s threat to pull out of the Herald’s candidate forum.
The troll behind the publications—broadcaster and failed Illinois political candidate Dan Proft, now a resident of Naples, Florida—slams the Herald as “just another staffer in Pritzker’s comm shop.”
Legislation that would force companies including Google and Meta (Facebook) to pay news publishers for rounding up their content is headed to the full Senate.

‘Benchslapped.’ A former federal prosecutor explains in The Daily Beast: A federal appeals court “took a sledgehammer” to Donald Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon’s misreading of the law in her ruling about classified documents taken from Trump’s Florida retreat.
Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin: “Trump is one day away from claiming Biden used witchcraft to reclassify the documents he claims he declassified.”
An AP investigative reporter tackles the question “Why isn’t Trump in cuffs?

‘Cooper is finally back home!’ The family of an 8-year-old boy shot and paralyzed in the Highland Park Independence Day mass shooting says he’s out of the hospital at last—but faces a “heartbreakingly cruel and unfair road ahead.”
Thousands of people from Highland Park and elsewhere yesterday rallied in Washington for an assault weapons ban.
An ex-Waukegan cop faces trial for murder, accused of shooting into a car, killing a Black man and wounding his girlfriend.

Hog butcher for what world? Add another company to Chicago’s growing field of alt-protein producers: Next Gen Foods, founded in Singapore, has picked the city as its U.S. headquarters.
Mayor Lightfoot says McDonald’s CEO should have taken steps “to educate himself” before complaining about Chicago crime.
A Sun-Times investigation finds that the Chicago Police Department has used its immense power to immediately close businesses associated with violence for disproportionately shuttering South and West Side joints but given downtown concerns a pass.

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‘как сломать руку в домашних условиях.’ As Russia drafts more people for its assault on Ukraine, Google reports an aberrant spike in Russian searches for “how to break an arm at home.”
The Wall Street Journal: Google researchers see a growing body of evidence that hackers and online activists are working with Russia’s military intelligence agency in Ukraine-related cyberattacks on the U.S. and elsewhere.
An architect and associate professor at the School of the Art Institute appeals to Google as it takes over the Thompson Center: “Save our Sbarro!

Dingus of the Week. Columnist Lyz Lenz’ pick: People who ask, “Why doesn’t anyone want to work anymore?”
Greg Moore at the Arizona Republic: “Quiet quitting” may prove “what we might look back on in 50 or 100 years as the start of a new labor movement.”

‘Far worse than the flu.’ The Atlantic’s Sarah Zhang: “The ‘end’ of COVID is still … worse than we imagined.”

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