Your shot awaits / What they found / New email privacy tool

Your shot awaits. The FDA has approved a new-recipe COVID-19 vaccine aimed at averting a winter surge.
Pending final approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first doses—only for those who’ve had the original vaccine—could be available by this weekend.
COVID-19 accounts for much of the average U.S. life expectancy’s biggest two-year decline in a century.

What they found. In the most detailed account yet of a government raid at Donald Trump’s Florida estate, the Justice Department reports that FBI agents, “in a matter of hours, recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the ‘diligent search’ that the former President’s counsel and other representatives had weeks to perform” …
 … and that top secret docs had been “likely concealed and removed” to obstruct the investigation.
Journalists Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner hearken back to Al Gore and the 2000 presidential election: “It is hard to overstate how big an inflection point that was in American history.”

‘Darren Bailey, the Republican Party candidate, did not respond.’ A coalition of organizations devoted to reform of the criminal justice system put tough questions to Illinois’ major-party gubernatorial contenders, but just one answered.
The Sun-Times talks to voters in downstate Centralia and finds widespread resentment of Chicago—and a “sense of being left behind, forgotten, not understood.”
Columnist Lyz Lenz: “Conventional wisdom warns that Republicans are posed to take power, but these aren’t conventional times.”

Cop confusion. On the heels of a watchdog report that found more than 1,000 Chicago police officers worked at least 11 days straight in April and May, the city’s police superintendent announced a new policy limiting the cancellation of days off …
 … but then, a day later, the department canceled some officers’ time off through the Labor Day weekend.

New email privacy tool. Advisorator’s Jared Newman explains DuckDuckGo’s free service to keep your real email address hidden and minimize marketers’ tracking …
 … in part by creating a decoy email address.
Citing, among other factors, Apple’s privacy changes—which crippled its ability to track users (Aug. 24 link)—Snapchat’s parent company is cutting staff by 20 percent.

Warning to advertisers. The United Kingdom has lowered the boom on Unilever for an ad claiming that its Persil cleaning product was “kinder to our planet” … because the company gave a lousy answer to the question “Kinder than what?”
Adweek calls it “a moment that may spell a shift for advertisers around the world.” (Link corrected.)
Floods in Mississippi’s capital city evoke The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Water, water, every where / Nor any drop to drink.”
The Onion: Solar Power Investment Skyrockets Upon Discovery Of Massive Underground Deposit Of Sunlight.”

‘Arguably the most popular television sitcom ever set in Chicago.’ The city honors Oak Park-born Bob Newhart and his Bob Newhart Show tomorrow with a commemorative street sign.
Berwyn now has a (yeah, smaller, but still) recreation of its old cars-on-a-spindle landmark.
Columnist Neil Steinberg previews this weekend’s Chicago Jazz Festival, with a full schedule for the first time in three years, as “music to soothe a shaken city.”
Block Club: As the pandemic recedes, Chicago restaurants are struggling to keep staff.

Save your money. If you’ve long coveted a Chicago Public Square cap—until now not a thing you could just plain-old buy—stand by. A batch sporting the updated Square logo is in the works.
If your head is already well-covered, of course, you can help promote Square by wearing a T-shirt …
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