‘The undisputed leader of the Trump opposition’ / ‘A BFD’ / Watch what you eat

‘The undisputed leader of the Trump opposition.’ That’s the role Politico sees for Rep. Liz Cheney now that she’s lost her primary bid for renomination to the U.S. House.
She says she could have won, “but it would’ve required that I go along with … ongoing efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. That was a path I could not and would not take.”
A noteworthy concession from Illinois’ Trumpophiliac Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey’s camp: “Joe Biden is the duly elected president.”
Saturday Night Live alumnus Al Franken—who last night became the first ex-senator to host Jimmy Kimmel Live—offered Trump a painful math lesson.
Esquire’s Charlie Pierce, citing the Justice Department’s assertion that unsealing the affidavit behind the FBI’s visit to Mar-A-Lago would scare off other witnesses: “No wonder Trump wants its release.”
Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg makes a connection between Trump and sociopathic Illinois serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Guns on the run. Naperville’s city council early this morning overwhelmingly passed an ordinance banning the commercial sale of assault rifles.
That came just a day after Highland Park’s council voted for an outright state and national ban.
The family of 8-year-old Cooper Roberts, shot and paralyzed at Highland Park’s 4th of July parade, describes him as “hopeless, sad and angry as the reality of his life is setting in”—adding that “it is very hard to convince Cooper that he will be happy again.”

‘A completely asinine approach.’ A computer science teacher tells the Tribune that Chicago Public Schools’ implementation of Illinois law to protect students’ data privacy is “literally hurting children.”

‘I … realized that both my legs were gone.’ A woman who nearly drowned when a boat backed into her raft off the Oak Street Beach Saturday has no insurance and so hopes to raise $250,000 to cover amputations, rehabilitation and physical therapy.
The Coast Guard was seeking witnesses but, as of Chicago Public Square’s email deadline, no charges had been filed.

‘A BFD.’ That’s former President Obama tweeting back an abbreviation of Joe Biden’s hot-mic words years ago—this time celebrating Biden’s signature on a massive climate, tax and health care bill.
Climate newsletter Cipher says the new law brings the U.S. new global cred as a leader in the fight against climate change.
Trevor Noah on The Daily Show: It “changes the name of summer to ‘extra spring.’ Hopefully, Mother Nature falls for that one.”
Poynter’s Tom Jones: Journalism seems finally to be taking climate change seriously.
Columnist Lyz Lenz: It’s “people v. trees. And the people are losing.”

A plug for the CTA. The Chicago Transit Authority’s landed a $29 million federal grant to buy a bunch of electric buses …
But a nationwide transformer shortage could crimp efforts to deploy electric vehicle charging stations.
Block Club: Hundreds of Kias and Hyundais are being stolen across Cook County after TikTok videos showed how to start them without keys.
 As organizers celebrate millions in federal cash for a South Side version of the 606 Bloomingdale Trail, Axios Chicago says they aim to avoid the 606’s downsides: Gentrification and displacement.

Civilly disobedient docs. A resident physician at Northwestern University calls on medical professionals to use their extensive power over billing “to thwart unjust laws and provide medical care for pregnant people in need.”
The AP characterizes a recount of Kansans’ overwhelming vote to preserve abortion rights as a tool to encourage supporters of the losing side “to believe an election was stolen.”

‘We’re time-traveling … to that dark time before vaccines.’ Rolling Stone attributes polio’s comeback to the anti-vax movement.
ABC News: How to protect pets from monkeypox.

Watch what you eat. Home Run Inn’s Chicago Premium Pizzeria Deluxe Sausage Classic is getting recalled because it may contain pieces of metal.
Kraft Heinz is recalling thousands of pouches of Capri Sun that may contain cleaning solution.

Chicago, seen. The work of acclaimed local photographer Barry Butler* goes on display at Navy Pier today.
Here’s a sample.

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