Six Flags shooting / ‘Greatest show of all time?’ /

Police said that it seemed to be “a targeted incident” and that none of the injuries were life-threatening.
The shooting came just days after Six Flags’ CEO complained the parks have become “cheap day care” for “rowdy teenagers” …
 … an assessment that drew scorn on Twitter.
 One man is dead and three others were hurt early Sunday in a shooting on I-88 through Oak Brook.

Scooter groper. Police accuse a 36-year-old man of riding a one-wheeled scooter up behind downtown victims, grabbing their buttocks and genitals before scooting away.
Earlier this month, Block Club shared victims’ accounts and photos.

Wanted: Teachers and bus drivers. With Chicago Public Schools’ opening just a week away, the system—like many across the country—faces major staff shortages.
Cartoonist Joey Alison Sayers sees a tech solution: “Robots are flawless educators. They never deviate from the prescribed curriculum. And they’ll never bring up race, gender or sexuality” …
 … which recalls Isaac Asimov’s prescient 1951 three-page science fiction story. (Link revised.)
Highland Park schools face special challenges caring for students and staff traumatized in the 4th of July parade massacre.

Capitol assault. Police say a 29-year-old Delaware man with a long criminal record drove his car into a barricade near the U.S. Capitol before shooting and killing himself.
The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have advised law enforcers to beware “criminal and violent” retaliation for last week’s search of Donald Trump’s Florida home.
The AP: Some Jan. 6 defendants are trying to profit off their crimes.
 Writing for The Washington Post, Chicago-based reporter Mark Guarino catches up with the man who shot Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley Jr., and his floundering career as a musician.

‘Sense of humour remains intact.’ Author Salmon Rushdie’s son says that Rushdie suffered “life-changing injuries” in a stabbing onstage during a Friday lecture—but that he’s “on the road to recovery.”
Iran, whose leader demanded Rushdie’s death in 1989, denies involvement but nevertheless portrays the attack as justifiable.

‘The greatest show of all time?’ Critic Aaron Barnhart ponders that honor for Better Call Saul, whose finale airs tonight and which he says is already one of TV’s “cleverest, densest, shockingest, best-written and -acted series.”

They’re remaking political reporting and political endorsements in Chicago. In the latest Chicago Public Square / Rivet360 podcast, meet A.D. Quig, a rising Chicago Tribune reporter who sees local government facing “a time of big change”; and Girl, I Guess Progressive Voter Guide author Stephanie Skora—someone unafraid to call a candidate, in her words, “a slimy fuckface.”
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