‘It darkens my skin’ / No deal / TikTok jackpot

‘It darkens my skin.’ Mayor Lightfoot accuses a conservative political action group of blowing a “dog whistle” for its portrayal of her in a TV ad targeted at Gov. Pritzker.
One Democrat calls the ad “racialized carnage porn.”
Now that Pritzker’s landed the leadership he sought at the Illinois Democratic Party, he’s dropped $5.5 million into the party’s kitty.

‘Leave Christopher Columbus alone.’ A Tribune editorial says Lightfoot shouldn’t remove the Christopher Columbus statue from Grant Park, because “logic dictates that she should then immediately rename Columbus Drive.”

Republican ’22 wave? Maybe not. A Democrat’s victory in a bellwether New York district’s special congressional election signals that abortion concerns could stymie Republican hopes to regain control of the House this fall.
Florida Democrats have tapped a 25-year-old candidate likely to become Congress’ youngest member.
They’ve also picked a former Republican governor, Charlie Crist, to challenge Ron DeSantis.

‘The most successful business brains in American corporations took a look at Donald Trump’s MAGA and declared to themselves, I like it!” The Reader’s Ben Joravsky is taken aback by a research paper out of Harvard indicating the percentage of top executives at U.S. S&P 1500 firms who identify as Republican is increasing.
A nonpartisan group of reformers sees growing support across the country for ranked-choice voting.
Citing a rise in threats, the Internal Revenue Service is reviewing safety protocol nationwide.

No deal. A Chicago cop accused of a misdemeanor for joining the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol has declined prosecutors’ offer to let him off with no more than six months in prison.
Condemned by Mayor Lightfoot as a “total disgrace,” the officer is on no-pay status and reportedly living with his parents.
Read the government’s complaint against him, including texts in which he allegedly declared himself “busy planning how to fuck up commies.”
The latest Illinoisans charged in the Capitol riot include 55- and 56-year-old brothers from Chicago and LaGrange.
A nephew of one Chicago mayor and grandson of another, ex-Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson, is now in prison.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been sentenced to five days in jail for a drunk-driving incident—but he’s already served two and gets two off for good behavior … so, OK, one left …
 … but, no, he’ll serve eight hours in a court work program in lieu of that time behind bars.

‘This will be the last vaccine that is freely [available] to the American public.’ Looking ahead to plans for updated fall COVID-19 booster shots, Your Local Epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina mourns: “Congress has stopped funding the coronavirus response and has invested very little into pandemic preparedness. This will be a tragedy.”
Columnist Matt Yglesias: “Expect more—and worse—pandemics to come.”

‘Sometimes we make mistakes.’ Google’s pledged to restore the Cook County Circuit Court’s YouTube accounts …
 … which have grown increasingly important and popular through the pandemic, but which were suspended last week without warning.
Prosecutors have filed murder charges against a man accused of a hit-and-run that left three people dead—accusing him of shouting moments before, “I’ve got something for you, you motherfuckers!

TikTok jackpot. A federal court has OK’d payouts to users for collecting and using their personal data without permission …
 … and Illinois’ groundbreaking Biometric Information Privacy Act means Illinoisans—and their children—who filed before the March 1 deadline stand to collect up to six times the cash for those in other states.

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