‘Holy shit’ / 110 charges / ‘Readers were interested’

‘Holy shit.’ That’s a League of Conservation Voters leader’s take on what The Associated Press calls “a startling turnabout”: A deal between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin on a massive plan to remake U.S. policy on health care, taxes and energy …
Yale Climate Connections: St. Louis’ record, crippling rainfall is what climate change looks like.
The Onion offers a list of things to say to those who deny climate change—including “The earth that will soon become uninhabitable is the same earth that guns are on.”

Party on. Dozens of former Democrats and Republicans are teaming up to form a new national third political party called Forward.
In an opinion piece for The Washington Post, its founding leaders—including ex-New Jersey Gov. Christine Whitman and ex-presidential candidate Andrew Yang—pledge an “open” party that welcomes Democrats, Republicans and independents to join the planning process “without abandoning their existing political affiliations.”
Columnist Steve Chapman warns Gov. Pritzker and other Democrats supporting Trumpy Republicans that their strategy may put future elections “into the hands of ruthless fanatics” …

‘This bodes well.’ A Sun-Times editorial hails Google’s purchase of the state of Illinois’ Thompson Center as “a win for both sides, and for our city.”
Google’s upgrading its Maps features for bicyclists.
Workers at Amazon’s Joliet outpost have filed a federal complaint alleging a racist work environment—including death threats.

110 charges. That’s how many face the Highland Park massacre suspect—including 21 counts of murder.
In her first statement since that day, the mother of an 8-year-old paralyzed in the attack says, “None of us … will ever be the same.”
Last night’s YouTube fundraiser for Highland Park raised at least $57,000 …
 … and you can still see it and contribute here.*

Not fired. The Chicago School Board has rejected a recommendation to dismiss two teachers who encouraged students to protest the proposed relocation of a car-shredding operation near their school …
 … discipline the teachers union portrayed as political retaliation by Mayor Lightfoot.
Retired attorney Ken GoodSmith differs with the union: “You should prohibit teachers from pushing political agendas. And for those who think this outrageous, I assume you agree with the Supreme Court decision on the coach saying prayers on the field.”

Hey, kids? COVID-19 vax rates among children under 5 have peaked and are headed downward as more age into and out of that group.
Chicago Public Schools will “strongly recommend”—but not require—masks for kids this fall.
President Biden’s out of COVID isolation.

A ‘Bodily Autonomy Sanctuary City’? That’s a designation the Chicago City Council’s Progressive Caucus wants to adopt, forbidding local law enforcement from criminalizing people who come to the city seeking abortions—or those who help them.
A Texas teenager body-shamed online by Florida Rep.—and sex-trafficking fan—Matt Gaetz turned his abuse into a $400,000 fundraiser for abortion rights.

‘Readers were interested.’ Columnist Eric Zorn takes issue with his former colleague John Kass’ complaint that their old home, the Chicago Tribune, should not have written about his new home in Indiana.
Disgraced CNN veteran Chris Cuomo is joining the little-watched NewsNation—the former WGN America.
Chicago newspapers South Side Weekly and Hyde Park Herald are joining together under the banner of one nonprofit …
 … marking the retirement of the Herald’s owner since 1953, Chicago journalism giant Bruce Sagan.
Vox Media’s laying off 36 employees.

Lolla security. Chicago police will be around—in uniform and undercover—for Lollapalooza’s return to Chicago today.
Planning to drive downtown? Beware road closings due to the fest.

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