Ballot time / ‘F___ Clarence Thomas’ / Divvy decline

Ballot time. Find where to vote for today’s Illinois primary election in Chicago and suburban Cook County.
Before you go, check the Chicago Public Square voter guide.
Polling place problems? Call 866-OUR-VOTE.

‘10 races that have everyone guessing.’ In light of the Supreme Court’s anti-abortion ruling, Politico’s Shia Kapos will keep an eye on, among other things, women in tight Illinois races.
Among The Washington Post’s contests to watch: Two Illinois member-on-member congressional face-offs—one involving Democrats, one involving Republicans …
 … and the Republican race for governor—where Democratic Gov. Pritzker is one of three billionaires who’ve spent millions to influence the outcome.
Patch’s Mark Konkol: “It sure looks as if … Pritzker successfully goaded the Illinois Republican Party voters into picking a fight they can’t win.”

‘F___ Clarence Thomas.’ Recorded at a Pride rally over the weekend profanely condemning the Supreme Court justice for that ruling overturning abortion rights, Mayor Lightfoot ain’t apologizing.
Instagram and Facebook have removed posts offering abortion pills.
The Atlantic’s David Frum compares the anti-abortion movement’s Supreme Court victory to Prohibition—and that dog that caught the car: “It’s about to discover that the prey in its jaws is a lot bigger and stronger than it looked when the dog started its chase.”

‘Teachers will feel emboldened to inject more religion into the classroom.’ That’s an ACLU attorney’s fear after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a public high school football coach who pressed his players to join him in post-game prayers.
Vox’s Ian Millhiser: The decision rests on a bed of lies.

Surprise. The House hearings on the events of Jan. 6, 2021, return today for a previously unscheduled session at noon Chicago time with testimony from someone an insider identifies for The Associated Press as “a vital witness”: Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide in Donald Trump’s White House.
Watch live here.

‘Horrific human tragedy.’ At least 48 migrants are dead—locked and abandoned in a tractor-trailer amid Texas’ near-100-degree heat.
The BBC: “This story has played out in Texas many times, but not to this magnitude.”

‘I heard a little girl next door crying.’ A survivor recounts a Los Angeles-to-Chicago Amtrak train’s Missouri crash that left three dead and dozens hurt.
A separate Amtrak collision in California Sunday killed three women in a car on their way to a fundraiser for the family of a neighbor who’d died less than a week earlier.

Hi, high. Cook County’s back at the high alert level for COVID-19.
The CDC: How to distinguish COVID from the flu.

Divvy decline. Newcity mourns word from Lyft that, as Chicago’s shared pedal-powered blue bikes wear out, they won’t be replaced.
Streetsblog Chicago condemns “awful” WBEZ reporting that “disregards safety data, ignores traffic violence victims.”
StreetWise magazine, sold mainly by vendors who are homeless, is raising its cover price.

‘I can’t believe how tone-deaf that is.’ Square reader—and frequent correspondent—Pam Spiegel found yesterday’s coverage of the abortion story … unsatisfying: “You completely ignored … scads of female commentators.” Here are some authors she wishes had been included:
Michele Goodwin for The New York Times: No, Justice Alito, Reproductive Justice Is in the Constitution.”
Dahlia Lithwick at Slate: The Supreme Court will pay for abortion decision.”
Linda Greenhouse at the Times: A Requiem for the Supreme Court.
Rebecca Traister at The Cut: “The Necessity of Hope in Post-Roe America.”

Clarification. Popular Information (bottom of today’s edition) updates a June 21 report—cited in that day’s Square—to explain that PepsiCo’s apparent sponsorship of Texas Republicans’ reactionary convention was instead the party’s decision to recognize Pepsi for a 2020 donation.

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