2024 ‘is going to be a mess’ / The Colbert 7 / Ride cheap

2024 ‘is going to be a mess.’ That’s Illinois Republican Rep.—and Jan. 6 committee member—Adam Kinzinger, telling ABC’s This Week he’s “very worried” about a repeat of 2020’s debacle.

In (more of) his words: “My party has utterly failed the American people.”
The Chicago Public Square election guide to next week’s Illinois primary can help you vote smart.

Precious moments. The Associated Press runs down the Jan. 6 hearings’ most resonant developments so far.
With a flashback to Barack Obama’s inaction on Bush-era atrocities, a Boston Globe editorial calls for Attorney General Merrick Garland to bring charges against Donald Trump: “The message that the Obama administration sent to its successors was clear: You can get away with torture. If Garland fails to pursue justice, he will only have amended that message to say: You can get away with overthrowing the government too” …
 … but a Homeland Security executive under Obama contends that if Trump simply “ends up a rich, lonely man who can no longer fill a stadium … then America will have won.”

The Colbert 7. Staffers working on a “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” segment for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert face unlawful entry charges after their arrest while filming a segment at the U.S. Capitol in a House office building—in the words of Capitol Police, “unescorted and without Congressional ID” …
 … an incident that reactionaries including Tucker Carlson are comparing to the Jan. 6 riots. (Screenshot: Colbert and Triumph in 2016.)
George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley: “This is obviously … not the equivalent to the Jan. 6 riot,” but it does put Democrats who enabled the Colbert crew “in an awkward position.”

Crime’s growing footprint. CWBChicago: At least five women since noon Saturday have been mugged in a section of Lincoln Park by “two or three young males who target women on the street during afternoon and early evening hours.”
A woman and two teenagers were hurt in a shooting early today in the South Side Gresham neighborhood—just about 10 minutes after an 11-year-old girl was shot a half-mile away.
Security’s rising for concerts at the downtown Pritzker Pavilion: No dogs, no metal knives, no tents, canopies or lawn stakes.

COVID shots for the littles. They’re rolling out this week for kids between 6 months and 5 years, but CNET explains that availability will be more complicated than it has been for adults.
Chicago’s planning vax clinics at a variety of locations beginning Saturday.

Ride cheap. Newly available today, a $30-a-month Regional Connect Pass will give holders of Metra’s Super Saver monthly pass unlimited rides on Metra, the CTA and Pace.
If you have the Ventra app, you can buy the new pass right in there.

‘All you heard was a big boom.’ A year later, the Tribune revisits the tornado that ravaged Naperville and Woodridge …
 … and profiles a woman who lost her unborn son after she was crushed by a tree limb that crashed through the roof of her in-laws’ Woodridge home.

Happy Juneteenth (observed). Chicago, Illinois and the U.S. federal government all for the first time today are recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday.
The University of Chicago’s in the spotlight over its historic—and, the school maintains, tenuous—links to slavery.

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