Ghosts be gone / Oops / Got formula?

Ghosts be gone. Illinois is now the first Midwest state to ban “ghost guns” …
 … unregistered, privately-made firearms that Gov. Pritzker called in his signing ceremony “deadly weapons with horrifying implications.”
Now, a Sun-Times editorial says, the nation needs a law requiring the registration of—but not a ban on—assault weapons.
The mom of an 8-year-old Chicago kid who brought a gun to school, where it injured a 7-year-old, got a scolding from the judge as she was charged with child endangerment.
A series of racist incidents triggered a walkout by students at a Chicago high school.
Columnist Eric Zorn on Chicago’s run of mass youth mayhem: “I don’t see a great alternative to … the arrest (but not prosecution) of those who violate the law.”

‘I meant that she would get a lawyer.’ Republican candidate for governor and Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin is playing down a police report quoting him as saying when his then-girlfriend was accused of hitting a guard at a marijuana store that the “charges would be taken care of.”
As Irvin condemns Pritzker for going soft on violent crime, WBEZ reports that the financial empire of Irvin’s sugar daddy, Ken Griffin, has expanded its holdings of gun and ammo companies.

No worms for early birds. Early voting in Chicago was to have begun today, but now it’ll be next Thursday—and June 1 for suburban Cook County.
Sun-Times Washington bureau chief Lynn Sweet: If you’re confused, you’re not alone—and here’s why.

Oops. Ex-President George W. Bush accidentally condemned “a … brutal invasion of Iraq”—a thing that happened under his administration—before correcting himself to say “Ukraine” …
 … and then adding under his breath: “Iraq, too.” (Chicago Public Square screengrab from Bush Presidential Center video.)
Video smuggled out of Mariupol by a medic now in Russian custody shows firsthand the death and devastation dealt by Russian invaders.
A Russian soldier facing the first Ukraine war crime trial pleaded today for his victim’s widow to forgive him.

Dissed. Biden administration plans for a “Disinformation Governance Board” at the Department of Homeland Security are on pause …
 … after the resignation under fire of the woman hired to run it.
BuzzFeed News’ Joe Bernstein on Twitter: “Two things can be true: Something can be subject to a loathsome bad-faith right-wing messaging operation and still be a horribly misconceived and underthought fiasco.”

Mask ask. Especially for the roughly a third of the U.S.—primarily in the Midwest and Northeast—now considered at higher risk of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people should be considering wearing masks indoors.
Your Local Epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina says we may or may not be in a public health emergency: “Transmission is not stable or predictable, the virus is changing quickly, and we have no idea what it will do next.”
And now … monkeypox.

Got formula? The head of the FDA gets grilled by Congress today over the national shortage of baby formula.
President Biden’s pulling rank to speed baby food production and distribution.
City Cast Chicago: Where to find and donate formula.
A professor of global supply chain management says that, long before a key plant’s closure, the formula industry was primed for disaster.
The creators of Netflix’s Stranger Things series reportedly had a “total meltdown” about a Stranger Things version of the board game Monopoly that gives away the new season’s plot points.

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