Buh-bye, Boeing / Free internet / Perfectly informed

Buh-bye, Boeing. Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg sheds no tears for the company’s decision to leave Chicago: “Given the blundering that Boeing embodies, who can even pretend their nesting here is some kind of civic adornment?
CNN: “Boeing is losing the plane race. So it packed up and left for Washington.”

‘If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.’ Those words were spray-painted outside an anti-abortion group office struck Sunday by a fire under investigation as arson in Madison, Wisconsin.
 If the Supreme Court does in fact overturn Roe v. Wade, Mississippi’s governor has refused to rule out a ban on contraception.
 The New York Times: Medication looks like the future of legal and illicit abortions.
Filmmaker and author Michael Moore warns: “Simply Google the word abortion before having a miscarriage … and you can be charged with murder.”

‘They’ll look back and say, No need to update this one at all, they nailed it back in 1235.’ Saturday Night Live weighed in with a skit set during “that profound moment of moral clarity, almost a thousand years ago, which laid such a clear foundation for what our [abortion] laws should be in 2022” …
 … and a “Weekend Update” appearance by Kate McKinnon as Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett: “You are a murderer if you have an abortion. But you’re not a murderer if you put a baby in a bag in a mailbox.”
John Oliver pointedly displayed a painting of the Founding Fathers: “I don’t know why these particular individuals didn’t have abortion on the forefront of their minds.”

Free internet. More than 20 telecom companies—biggies, including Comcast and AT&T—have agreed to provide discount service to low-income households …
 … which, combined with an existing government subsidy, could cut the cost to $0.
People can apply at this White House website.

Downtown area shootings up. Less than halfway through the year, Chicago’s total is already more than double last year’s.
Logan Square’s under a “community alert” after assaults on three women in the same area on the same street over the course of a month.
City Cast Chicago surveys ideas for making the CTA safer.

Tick, tick. The Tribune reports that tick activity and the diseases ticks transmit are on the rise as Illinois’ climate changes.
Tips to protect yourself include showering after you’ve been outdoors …
  … which might not be a bad idea this week in particular, as Chicago temperatures flirt with record highs tomorrow through Thursday.

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Perfectly informed. As of about 8 a.m., fewer than 2% of those who’ve taken last week’s Chicago Public Square news quiz scored 100% and left their names.
The first was Ron Schwartz, who nets himself one of those limited-edition Square caps.
Other perfect scorers: Tim Brandhorst, Nina Ovryn, LJ Anderson and Les Stipp.
Two others nailed ’em all but failed to leave their names.
Question most often answered correctly: “Which Supreme Court justice wrote the draft abortion ruling that Politico leaked?”
Most often answered incorrectly: “In which northern Illinois county did two tornadoes touch down Saturday?”
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