‘Not how to stop a pandemic’ / ‘Vote-buying is illegal’ / Netflix bleeding

‘Not how to stop a pandemic.’ A Stanford University infectious disease physician tells Bloomberg that “this is not the right time to get rid of masks.”
The Biden administration says it’ll appeal a federal judge’s ruling to the contrary regarding public transit only if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decides the requirement is still necessary.
Your Local Epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina calls BS on “the perceived lack of transmission on planes.”
In Chicago, it’s now mask-optional on the CTA, Metra, Pace, at the airport, on most airlines …
 … and in Uber and Lyft vehicles.
At least one observer suggests Metra consider designating some cars “mask-only.”
A Sun-Times editorial sees a silver lining: “An end to childish, selfish behavior by passengers more concerned with absurd notions of ‘freedom’ than with health during a pandemic.”
A Tribune editorial pleads, “Be kind to your front-line flight attendant. It’s all been terrible for them.”

‘Vote-buying is illegal.’ The Trib flags issues with Chicago rich guy Willie Wilson’s plan for another million-dollar gas giveaway this weekend—different this time, because he’s now formally a candidate for mayor.
Now that Gov. Pritzker’s signed a new state budget, gas station owners are planning a lawsuit to challenge a requirement that they post signs bragging that “the State of Illinois has eliminated the State’s share of sales tax on motor fuel and gasohol through December 31.”
Ex-Trib and now USA Today columnist Rex Huppke: Inflation’s squeezing Americans who rely on food pantries.

Election days. Chicago Public School parents get to vote today (for elementary schools) and tomorrow (for high schools) on candidates for their local school councils.
See the candidates and find out where to vote here.

Cowed. I-80 has opened again near Joliet after a crash that loosed more than a dozen cattle.
The trucker—whose injuries police describe as life-threatening—has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

‘Among news outlets launched over the past five years, Block Club Chicago, Chicago Public Square and The Daily Line were at the top of the list.’ Northwestern University’s Medill Local News Initiative asked hundreds of Chicago-area residents where they get their news.

Netflix bleeding. For the first time in a decade, the company says it lost subscribers in the first quarter of the year …
 … 200,000, to be precise—and it says a boost in pandemic viewership clouded its view of the challenges it faces …
 … so it’s coming after your shared passwords.

And now a public service announcement, courtesy of a couple of Square supporters—Susy Schultz and Thom Clark:

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Warmth ahead. Chicago could see temperatures in the 80s this weekend …
 … in other words: T-shirt weather. And the good news is that the stocks of those black Chicago Public Square T-shirts are being replenished. So if the size you wanted has been out of stock, check again …
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