‘False’ / ‘It’s all bullshit’ / Tax hacks

‘False.’ PolitiFact slams Illinois U.S. Rep. Mary Miller for asserting that “the Biden Administration is … encouraging children to take chemical castration drugs and undergo surgeries.”
Nonsense peddler Alex Jones’ Infowars website has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Bookwars. Without naming the titles, Florida has rejected 54 math textbooks—for, among other reasons, invoking “critical race theory.”

‘It’s all bullshit.’ HBO’s John Oliver (free to watch on YouTube) discredits modern police interrogation methods advanced in the 1950s by an ex-Chicago cop, John Reid …
  … who died 40 years ago but whose firm is still selling training materials that Oliver calls “not remotely worth it.”
Oliver calls for all states to record interrogations in their entirety.
He credits Illinois for being one of three states that have forbidden police from lying to juvenile suspects.
Poynter’s Al Tompkins reflects on the nation’s affliction: “One weekend. 3 mass shootings. 26 injured. 2 dead.”

‘Something to celebrate.’ Worldwide COVID-19 deaths have fallen to their lowest level in more than two years.
A Sun-Times editorial appeals to Chicago’s unvaxxed cops: “Those who refuse do a blatant disservice not just to their own health but to the public they’re sworn to serve and protect.”

‘We also see reason for optimism.’ Two authors of that new and worrisome Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report call for “doing more to disrupt the status quo with proven solutions.”
A Colorado State University atmospheric science professor explains climate change to kids: “Earth will certainly heal, but it may take a very long time.”
Vox: “How to fight the affordable housing and climate crises at once. It’s all about the energy bills.”

Tax hacks. Not ready to file your income taxes by midnight tonight? CNET explains how to get six more months without penalty.
Filed already? Check the status of your federal refund here …
 … and your Illinois refund here.

‘Arguably the finest cast on television, as well as the sharpest writing and direction.’ The Daily Beast looks ahead to tonight’s return of Better Call Saul.
If you have a Netflix account, you can watch using a virtual private network—even if you don’t pay for Saul’s native network, AMC …
 … a thing that is not illegal.

‘Passover riddle: What do I have that Moses did not when he left Egypt?’
Chicago Public Square reader and Buffalo Grove News and Information publisher Stan Zoller says that, “For the holiday, CPS will stand for Creative Passover Shirt.”
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