‘Authenticating all humans’ / Contemptible Trump / ‘A song about hell for Putin’

‘Authenticating all humans.’ Now that spacefaring, Tesla-birthing rich guy Elon Musk apparently will own Twitter, GQ—yeah, GQ—explores what his commitment to “defeating the spam bots” might mean.
Protocol: “Musk is … not very good with promises.”
Flashback to 2018, when Musk touted his plan to build an underground railroad connecting downtown Chicago and O’Hare …
 … a memory that the Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg says “is laughable to recall.”
Musk tweeted yesterday: “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”
The Associated Press explains that Twitter’s been there, done that.
Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who stands to make close to $1 billion in the deal, calls Musk “the singular solution I trust.”
Recode’s question for Musk: “How are you going to run Twitter, which is a for-profit business that isn’t very good at making a profit?”
The Washington Post: The deal’s triggered emotional breakdowns among some Twitter workers.
 The Conversation: He won’t have a board to watch him.
The Hollywood Reporter: Expect Grand Plans (and Chaos).”
A snark-tweet from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, alluding to Musk’s Tesla business in China: “Did the Chinese government just gain a bit of leverage over the town square?” …
 … but then Bezos backed off.
A U.S.-based intel company says it’s discovered more than 600 fake Twitter accounts spreading Chinese propaganda.

Contemptible Trump. A New York state judge has held Donald Trump in contempt of court, ordering him to pay $10,000 a day until he turns over papers demanded by the state’s attorney general.
The ex-president planned a fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago compound for Illinois Republican Rep. Mary Miller tomorrow—with Illinois gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey hanging out, too.
Vanity Fair: Musk’s purchase of Twitter means Trump’s Truth Social “appears officially f__ked.”

‘I never thought that I’d be a criminal defendant.’ And yet, ex-Crestwood Mayor Lou Presta has been sentenced to prison for taking a $5,000 bribe from a red-light camera company executive.
The company, SafeSpeed, says it’s shocked, shocked that “one of its former colleagues was engaged in criminal conduct.”
Route Fifty: For roadway work zones in a handful of states, orange is the new yellow.

A Chicago pardon. President Biden has granted forgiveness to Abraham Bolden, a Chicagoan who was the first Black Secret Service agent to serve on a White House detail—and who’s long maintained his innocence in a bribery case that he says was cooked up to retaliate for his exposure of misbehavior by his fellow agents under President Kennedy.
Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell championed the pardon back in January.

Hep alert. Three rare suspected cases of severe hepatitis in otherwise healthy Illinois kids—following a cluster of nine in Alabama—have prompted the state to ask doctors to keep an eye out for symptoms.
That followed a national advisory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Your Local Epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina says it’s “quite the mystery for disease detectives,” but calls COVID-19 “an unlikely culprit … worth exploring.”
What is hepatitis? Encyclopaedia Britannica explains.
Chicago Public Health Department numbers show Chicagoans’ life expectancy dropped by almost two years during the first year of the pandemic.

‘A song about hell for Putin.’ Ex-Trib Moscow correspondent Charlie Madigan shares “How Deep Can You Bury That Man,” a song that he and some friends wrote for another purpose but that he says now applies just as well to the Russian president.

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Their final tour ever of planet Earth.’ After 45 years, the B-52s plan to bring “one last blow-out”—with KC & The Sunshine Band and The Tubes—to Chicago in October.
WXRT-FM and radio veteran John Records Landecker are among those to be inducted into the Illinois Rock and Roll Museum Hall of Fame in June (middle of Robert Feder’s column).

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