‘Do more’ / 4th shot? / A Senate united

‘Do more.’ In a historic virtual address to Congress, which gave him a standing ovation, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed for the U.S. to step up aid to his nation: “We need you right now.”
See his speech here.
An Ohio State logistics professor explains how Zelenskyy’s request for U.S. military aid could backfire go wrong.
Two U.S. Naval College scholars raise the possibility that granting Zelenskyy’s call for U.S. support of a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine could escalate the risk of World War III.
The Associated Press reports from Mariupol, Ukraine: “The bodies of the children all lie here, dumped into this narrow trench hastily dug.”
A Russian prisoner of war held in Ukraine tells CNN: “I want to tell our commander-in-chief … when we come back we’ll rise against him.”
Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg: “Putin has harmed himself in a way his enemies never could.”

‘Wonderful people … lost.’ CNN rounds up the tributes pouring in for two Fox News journalists killed in the field—the first such deaths in the network’s history.
The Russian state TV journalist who protested the Ukraine war live on air turned up in court, where she was fined the equivalent of $280 …

4th shot? Pfizer is asking the U.S. to OK a second booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine for those over 65.
Add the United Kingdom to those seeing an uptick in COVID cases.
With future mutations looming, epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina warns that the U.S. risks continuing a deadly cycle of “panic and neglect.”
Chicago’s top doc, Allison Arwady: Don’t toss away those masks yet.
You know that special City Council meeting called this afternoon by critics of Mayor Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate for city employees? She says she won’t be there.
Chicago journalist Dan Sinker—you may remember him as the guy who created the satirical @MayorEmanuel account on Twitter—asks in Esquire: If we’re back to ‘normal,’ why am I still so exhausted?

‘Heartbroken.’ That’s how Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx describes the families of two teenagers (correction) people who were shot and killed by Chicago police in separate incidents—after she told them her office won’t file criminal charges against either cop.
One of those families has filed a wrongful death suit against the city.
The Cook County Ethics Board says a Board of Review commissioner has to fire her cousin from his job as her chief of staff.
The feds have charged a tech company sales rep in connection with a fraud scheme that has already claimed the ex-principal and two ex-employees at a Chicago elementary school.

A Senate united. A—holy crap!—unanimous U.S. Senate vote would make daylight saving time permanent across the U.S. if the House and President Biden follow suit.
Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m exceptionally proud to be an American today. We finally agreed on something.”

‘How filthy rich is Chicago hedge fund trader Ken Griffin?’ Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch’s answer: So much so that he’s out to buy Pennsylvania’s next U.S. senator.
One Republican candidate in that race, Dr. Mehmet Oz—a guy whose rep was forged in Chicago, as a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s show—says that, if he’s elected, he’ll forgo security clearances so he can keep his dual U.S.-Turkey citizenship.
Griffin’s also teaming up with the Cubs owners, the Ricketts family, in a bid to buy the Chelsea Football (soccer) Club.

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