‘Singularly bad decision’ / Dangerous playlists / Weather whiplash

You know how Thursday’s edition said Chicago Public Square “would take Friday and Monday off to honor U.S. presidents”? Yeah, well, it shoulda said “a week from Monday.”* And now, the (Olympics- and Super Bowl-free) news for Chicago:

A ‘singularly bad decision.’ That’s what media columnist Robert Feder says is at the heart of a stalemate in the process of moving the Chicago Reader to a nonprofit business model.
The Sun-Times reports the Reader board is split over the leadership of co-publisher Tracy Baim …
 … a friend of Square going way back.

‘I believe you … have substantially underestimated the Great Middle of America.’ A former Republican National Committee chair warns the present holder of that job that she’ll come to regret the committee’s condemnation of anti-Trump Reps. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Liz Cheney of Wyoming.
Author, documentary filmmaker and Chicago native Jonathan Alter: “The RNC gave Democrats the sword. Now they need to get out of their funk and twist it with relish.”
Poynter’s Tom Jones addresses the skeptics who are wondering, “Why are we still covering Donald Trump?

From Chicago to D.C. A pioneer in Chicago’s anti-violence movement, Eddie Bocanegra, is off to the U.S. Justice Department as a senior adviser to the Community Violence Intervention office.
A one-minute 2011 radio piece profiled Bocanegra—a murderer at 17 who went on to be named a Chicago Ideas Week hero.
On the fourth anniversary of the Valentine’s Day shooting massacre at Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School, President Biden urges Congress to take action to control guns.
The father of one of those students killed climbed a construction tower near the White House early today to unfurl a protest banner.

‘Our schools cannot become battlegrounds for differing adult opinions.’ A suburban school district is reverting to remote learning today to spare the kids from anti-mask protests by benighted grownups.
Read the letter to parents: “This past week has certainly been challenging.”

‘I harbor no anger toward anyone who has loved to hate me.’ Columnist Rex Huppke bids farewell to the Tribune as he leaves for USA Today.
The New Yorker: The effort to free Columbia College-educated journalist Danny Fenster spotlights Biden administration divisions about how to deal with the world’s hostage-taking autocrats.

 … but then, of course, yes, snow.

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*Thanks, Phil Vettel, for catching that one.

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