‘Screw Vladimir Putin’ / Maskaway Monday / 40 Minutes

‘Screw Vladimir Putin.’ That’s Ukrainian descendant and Illinois Gov. J.B Pritzker addressing a Chicago rally yesterday to protest Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

One demonstrator’s sign: “The ghost of my Jewish great-grandpa is pissed again.” (Photo: Part of a collection filed by Marathon Pundit John Ruberry.)

‘His courage has changed my mind.’ A journalist long skeptical of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky praises his stand against Putin.
The Atlantic: Zelensky Gave the World a Jewish Hero” …
 … who just happens to have voiced the role of Paddington Bear in the Ukrainian version of the 2014 movie.

She ‘brought seeds to a gunfight and she somehow still comfortably won.’ HBO’s John Oliver praises a Ukrainian woman who delivered an “ice-cold” insult to a heavily armed Russian soldier.
 Oliver suggests George W. Bush is “not the guy” to condemn an “unprovoked and unjustified invasion.”

‘The war in Ukraine isn’t working out the way Russia intended.’ The Washington Post: “Scenes of humiliation have played out widely on social media, where the Ukrainians have won a clear advantage.”
 In a move that could hinder the Russian invasion, Google has turned off Google Maps’ live traffic features.
 Facebook and Twitter have been scrubbing anti-Ukrainian propaganda accounts.
 Ukrainian filmmakers are sending journalists bulletproof vests and other equipment.
 But Warner’s still planning to let Russians see The Batman this week. (Update, 8:22 p.m.: Not.)
 Ukraine’s COVID-19 infection rate is high, raising concern that more than half a million refugees may spread the virus as they flee.

Maskaway Monday. Face-covering mandates are history for most people under most circumstances in Chicago and Illinois as of today …
 … and at daycare centers and in some school districts, including Chicago’s …
 … although businesses can still make their own calls.
Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington: “I will continue to mask up in most spaces.”
Who needs more free COVID tests? The U.S. has half a billion to spare.

‘All Americans should renounce this garbage.’ Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming is slamming two of her colleagues for addressing a white nationalist convention over the weekend.
Popular Information names corporations supporting reelection for those two.

‘Parts of the planet will become uninhabitable.’ The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is out with a “dire warning about the consequences of inaction” to avert global warming.
One of the report’s authors: “Environmentally imposed transformations lurk very near for some, and eventually for all.”
Download the full 3,675-page report—or a 37-page “summary for policymakers”—here.

40 Minutes. Roughly two-thirds of last night’s 60 Minutes on CBS dealt with Chicago journalism:
A piece about Alden Global Capital’s ravaging of the Tribune and other local newspapers around the country …
 … and Lesley Stahl’s interview with Columbia College-educated journalist Danny Fenster, who was detained in Myanmar for almost six months last year.
Poynter’s Tom Jones: “CNN … really has become the go-to destination for Ukraine coverage.”

‘I know you’re trying to lighten things. But …’ Friend of Square Chris Koenig takes issue with a link in Friday’s edition to a piece noting that Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was a Harvard classmate to Matt Damon: “There’s a lot in that Politico article. So many things could have been pointed out instead. Why can’t a strong and smart black woman stand on her own without noting she was vaguely associated with a white guy who doesn’t have a great track record regarding diversity?”

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