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Come Monday. Aligning with Gov. Pritzker’s statewide move as COVID-19’s omicron wave recedes, Chicago next week will end its mask and proof-of-vaccine mandates …
 … but not in public schools, among other places.

Sorry about the ‘Keep my f______ name out of your mouth.’ A Woodstock Republican in the Illinois House has apologized over a confrontation with a Chicago Democrat who mistakenly flagged him as not wearing a mask on the House floor.
A Downstate lawyer who’s repeatedly challenged Illinois’ pandemic regulations is seeking the Republican nomination for attorney general.

4,000 1,600 free rides. In a surprise announcement, a Chicago charity pledged to send all the students at two Chicago high schools—and one of each of those kids’ parents—to college on full scholarships …
 … and kids at three more schools will be similarly surprised this week.

‘My auntie’s probably your boss.’ That’s what a source tells the Sun-Times the niece of the Chicago Police Department’s chief of internal affairs told cops who found heroin in the car she was driving—a Lexus belonging to her aunt.
 State Sen. Thomas Cullerton—scion of an Illinois political dynasty—has quit and plans to plead guilty in a federal embezzlement case

‘Boomer fantasies of world peace die in Ukraine.’ Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch: “We’ve had 77 long years since the last world war to build the kind of planet where that could never happen again, and it looks like we blew it.”
Stephen Colbert on President Vladimir Putin’s claim to be carrying out “peacekeeping functions” [imitating Putin]: “It’s true. I keep this piece of Ukraine. I keep that piece of Ukraine. I keep all the pieces of Ukraine. I am piece-keeping.”

Chicagoan of note. Add Athanasios Zoyganeles to the list of local folk charged in connection with last year’s insurrection at the Capitol.
Read the government case against him here.
He was nabbed after a tipster flagged “creepy video of him in the Capitol” on Facebook.
Ex-Chicago playwright David Mamet says Donald Trump “did a great job as a president.”

‘A dramatic shift.’ A lawyer who won a six-figure award for a bicyclist injured when a passenger abruptly opened a car door tells Block Club Chicago the verdict signals significant evolution in the public’s understanding of the need to respect bike lanes.
An overhaul’s taking shape for Logan Square’s decaying skate park.

‘There’s a five-letter word for anyone who disagrees with us: TYRANT.’ Ex-Tribune columnist Rex Huppke made his USA Today debut with a (mock) rant against Wordle.
Follow his new gig here.

‘Embrace the controversy.’ Writing in the Tribune, acclaimed journalist Jamie Kalven offers the Reader a way out of the mess over a major funder’s claim of censorship.
Kalven was a guest last year on the Chicago Public Square Podcast.
The first U.S. newspaper dedicated to ending slavery, The Emancipator, is back.
You can sign up for its newsletter here.
One of its co-editors-in-chief joined the Square Podcast last year, too.

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