‘Time … is running out’ / ‘Devastating cycle’ / We’re No. 1

‘Time … is running out.’ Former Tribune and Sun-Times editor Mark Jacob returns to the Sun-Times’ pages with six reasons it’s time to get serious about the threats posed by the modern Republican Party, which he says “has become a corrupt force spouting violent rhetoric and plotting to overthrow our democracy.”
Politico Illinois Playbook introduces you to a Trump supporter running for Congress in the suburbs, billing herself as “the anti-AOC.”
A couple of brothers—sons of a housekeeping service’s wealthy owner—are the latest Illinoisans to plead guilty to federal charges for their role in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.
The Washington Post: President Biden’s “Summit for Democracy,” opening Thursday, includes countries that hardly seem to qualify.

‘You choose not to get vaccinated, then you’re also going to assume the risk.’ An Illinois state representative is proposing a law that would put unvaccinated Illinoisans on the hook for their health care expenses if they catch COVID-19 …
 … but the notion triggers a lot of legal questions.
After an elementary school staffer’s death by COVID, the Chicago Teachers Union is pushing for vaccinations and testing at all schools.

It’s not just humans vs. COVID; it’s omicron vs. delta—and omicron may have the edge.

‘The devastating cycle of gun violence.’ Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, brings the committee to Chicago Monday for a hearing on the city’s plague of homicides.
CWBChicago on Mayor Lightfoot’s claim that every crime category in Chicago except murder is down this year: “She’s lying. Big time.”
Block Club Chicago: Police have alerted Logan Square and Avondale residents to beware armed carjackings.
A Sun-Times editorial calls for “a better way to deal with low-level drug crime.”

We’re No. 1. Fresh analysis confirms what you may already have suspected: Chicago drivers this year spent more time than their counterparts in any other major U.S. city stuck in traffic.
A tantalizing prospect on the table for half a century—extension of the CTA’s Red Line six miles south, now looking more likely than ever thanks to an infusion of federal infrastructure cash—comes up for public hearings tonight and tomorrow …

Flashback: Blago’s bad day. This excerpt from coverage of the sentencing of ex-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich 10 years ago today went on to win an Illinois Broadcasters Association Silver Dome Award for best live coverage of an event.
Chicago magazine’s Edward McClelland last month: “Why can’t we quit Rod?

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Square mailbag. Chicago Public Square reader and supporter Tom O’Malley offers a follow-up to yesterday’s item about online security breaches: “Try SpyCloud to determine if your email has been part of a hack. This company has fresh data as opposed to haveibeenpwned, which tends to be dated.”
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