Nominate Chicago Public Square in the Reader’s Best of Chicago poll

It’s that time.

The Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago poll is open for nominations through Dec. 15, 2021, at noon CST, and you can help Chicago Public Square reclaim its 2019 titles:

🟥 Nominate Chicago Public Square for Best Email Newsletter, Best Blog and Best Podcast.*

🟥 Nominate Square breaking-news cartoonist Keith J. Taylor for Best Comics Illustrator and Best Visual Artist.

If you’ve already voted and want to revise your ballot, you can. See the Reader’s detailed guide here. Once nominations are set, voting for the winners runs Jan. 12–Feb. 2, 2022. Mark your calendar!
* Chicago Public Square qualifies for all three—and a triple win would be lovely—but, if you choose to split your vote, Square’s main thing is being a newsletter.

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