Delta’s descent / ‘Rotten reporting’ / Bozo sold

Delta’s descent. Citing a 22% drop in new cases of COVID-19 nationwide over the last two weeks, Axios says, “the Delta wave may truly be behind us”—where “us” means the vaccinated.
Pfizer says shots for kids ages 5 to 11 could begin within weeks, if government regulators say OK.
The journal Pediatrics reports that caregivers to more than 120,000 kids died in the pandemic.

‘Just how close we came to a constitutional crisis.’ A report released by Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, chair of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, shines new light on efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
Here are all 394 pages.
Popular Information: How AT&T fuels right-wing extremists.
Today marks 25 years of Fox News.

‘Rotten reporting.’ U.S. Labor Secretary turned blogger Robert Reich condemns The New York Times and other mainstream news media for botching coverage of the president’s spending plans—among other things, rarely mentioning what’s in it: “Childcare, pre-K, community college, paid family leave, child tax credits, and measures to slow climate change. Instead, almost the sole media focus is on … ‘Biden’s 3.5 trillion package.’ … Even this is wrong because the $3.5 trillion is spread over 10 years, making it $350 billion per year—about half of what we spend each year on national defense.”
Biden’s reported pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency in the Chicago region is Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner and longtime environmental justice activist Debra Shore (middle of today’s Politico Illinois newsletter).

‘This offensive deprivation of … an important right.’ A federal judge has ordered a halt to Texas’ near-total ban on abortion …
 … but BuzzFeed News explains, there’s a catch.
Read the 113-page ruling here.
The Conversation: The first major Second Amendment case before the Supreme Court in more than a decade could topple gun restrictions.

‘A load of mule muffins.’ Tribune columnist Rex Huppke slams billionaire Ken Griffin’s assertion that “Chicago is like Afghanistan on a good day.”
Four men have been charged with beating and robbing a man on a Green Line train downtown Monday afternoon.
Prosecutors say a man broke into a CTA Red Line train operator’s booth, threatening to kill the operator.

Out. A Chicago Park District supervisor accused of sexual misconduct with an underage lifeguard has quit.
A suburban mayor accused of taking a bribe from a red-light camera company’s representative reportedly planned to quit …

Bozo sold. Rights to one of Chicago’s most iconic TV and cartoon characters, Bozo the Clown, have a new owner for the first time in 65 years.
Coming to the building from which Chicago’s Bozo show once originated, Tribune Tower: The Museum of Ice Cream.

‘You won’t want to miss it.’ Critic Aaron Barnhart commends tonight’s “astonishing premiere” of a CBS comedy’s new season.
Columnist and TV commentator S. E. Cupp is bewildered by TV veteran Katie Couric’s book confessing “to being a bully, a mean girl and an absolute nightmare of a colleague.”

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