Six prongs / ‘It was a mistake’ / ‘I have two goals’

Six prongs. The AP counts that many in President Biden’s address on the pandemic this afternoon—including a requirement that employees of the executive branch and contractors who do business with the federal government get the shot.
Illinois coronavirus deaths reported Wednesday passed a mark not seen since Feb. 19.
The Chicago Teachers Union says the school system’s COVID-19 tracker “is not accurate.”
All the (other) states are now on Chicago’s pandemic travel advisory.
The Conversation: The emergence of new, more contagious variants isn’t driven by vaccines.

 … including traffic and pedestrian stops.
Streetsblog Chicago: Chicago motorist stops have spiked, with far more Black drivers detained.
The Chicago Police Department admits it’s failed to meet court deadlines for reforms but says it’s “doubling down” on those efforts.
A Brennan Center for Justice inquiry finds Los Angeles cops have been told to collect social media and email IDs from every civilian they stop.

Shot down. Reservations among a few Senate Democrats—and all the Republicans—have prompted the Biden administration to scrap its nomination of David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
Politico: Republicans were up in arms over a Chipman interview “in which he said new gun owners who have no training should only bring their guns out ‘if the zombies start to appear.’”
The Biden administration has purged U.S. military academy boards of 18 appointees named by Donald Trump on his way out …
 … including Dancing with the Stars alumnus Sean Spicer, who’s not taking the news well.

‘It was a mistake.’ A relative says a Lincoln Park woman filed a bogus bomb threat at a Florida airport because she didn’t want her son to miss school after her family missed the flight.
A monarch butterfly raised by an Orland Park woman made it to central Mexico.

‘The South did rise again … and then was immediately lowered into the parking lot.’ Stephen Colbert on the removal of a Virginia statue honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee: “Why do they have to take down his horse, Traveller? The horse didn’t do anything!
A new time capsule will replace the 133-year-old one at the statue’s base.

‘TikTok can learn your most hidden interests.’ A Wall Street Journal investigation—creating accounts for fake users aged 13 to 15—explains how the service sucks kids and others into watching sex and drug videos.
ProPublica’s retired president, Richard Tofel, reflects on the decline of “youth media brand” Vice.

‘I have two goals.’ Columnist Eric Zorn, who quit the Tribune in June, is back with a free email newsletter.
Media newsletter author Simon Owens: “The market for daily news digests is getting saturated.”

Thanks to readers Aaron Barnhart and Chris Koenig for making this edition better.

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