[OFFER EXPIRED] Keep Square on your mind—literally

Support Chicago Public Square before Monday and you could get the first-ever official Square swag: A white cotton twill cap embroidered with the Square logo.*

Because Square doesn’t have time for a lot of shipping, this is a very limited edition. We’re making three available to the three readers who make the largest contributions to the Square tip jar between now and 11:59 p.m. Central time Sunday.**

So: What’s Chicago Public Square—and maybe an exclusive cap—worth to you? Pick a one-time tip amount:


To escalate the tension and the fun, here is a countdown timer. We’ll cap this offer in…

*The caps are low-profile—unstructured, which means the crown is soft, for a more easygoing style. The open-back fabric closure has an adjustable buckle for one-size-fits-all comfort.

**To be clear, this isn’t an auction. You won’t know what others are giving, although we’ll name the winners (if they choose) next week. In the event of identical top contributions, we’ll resolve ties through random selection. That may be a reason for you to give a non-round amount; a buck or two could set your contribution apart. Questions? Email Support@ChicagoPublicSquare.com.

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