‘They will do it again’ / Cook COVID-19 shots / Rahm rising

‘They will do it again.’ Speaking publicly for the first time about her survival of sexual assault, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Republicans who call for the nation to “just move on” from the Capitol insurrection are really saying “Can we just forget this happened so I can do it again without recourse?
She shared a minute-by-minute account of her experience Jan. 6.
She’s calling on three Republican lawmakers to quit.

‘You pulled your video, but I found it.’ Comedian, Trump critic and Oak Park native Kathy Griffin has reported one of her social-media trolls to the FBI after spotting her in the Capitol riot.
The New Yorker relates the tale of a Pennsylvania mother of eight who became “one of the Capitol riot’s biggest mysteries and a fugitive from the FBI.”

Guns, criminal records and military training. A ProPublica/Frontline investigation has identified more than 20 members of the Boogaloo movement, whose aims include overthrowing the government, with ties to the armed forces.
A New Mexico commissioner arrested in connection with the riot is stuck in jail while awaiting trial because a federal magistrate has concluded his “inflammatory conduct, repeated threats, delusional worldview, and access to firearms makes him a danger to the community.”
Capitol riot suspects are mounting an unusual defense: Blaming Donald Trump.
Democrats’ legal brief for Impeachment II says Trump “summoned a mob to Washington, exhorted them into a frenzy, and aimed them like a loaded cannon down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

The appointments will happen in a new mass vaccination site at Triton College in River Grove.
The number of new infections in Illinois is the lowest in four months.

Punxsutawney Phil: Six more weeks of winter …
 … but Woodstock Willie foresees an early spring. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
A Penn State professor says Groundhog Day—the movie—offers a mindfulness lesson for pandemic times.

‘There’s real grief going on.’ As the pandemic lingers, WBEZ reports worrisome trends in pediatricians’ offices.
Twice in a week, Fox News has identified right-wing Chicago radio host and disgraced ex-TV reporter (2014 link) Amy Jacobson in segments on pandemic school closings simply as a “parent and volleyball coach.”

‘The down payment on global warming’s costs.’ Nature tallies “the colossal amount of ice lost to climate change—so far.”
Chicago will have some to spare later this week.

Rahm rising. NBC News reports ex-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is under consideration for a Biden administration ambassadorship.
Maybe he’ll be nicer to reporters overseas than he was to Chicago’s.
Former political reporter and former Better Government Association chief Andy Shaw lifts the curtain on his sometimes-friendly-mostly-not relationship over the decades with ex-Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.

The case for commentary tracks. Critic Aaron Barnhart says streaming video services should revive one of the staples of the DVD era.
The New York Times lists “The 10 Best Titles Leaving Netflix This Month.”

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