Nabbed / ‘A terrible error’ / You’re welcome, New York

Nabbed. A woman accused of trying to sell the Russians House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, stolen in the Capitol riot, has been arrested.
But, The Washington Post warns, The Capitol mob’s gleeful selfies are … a warning sign.”
Capitol Police tell CNN’s Peter Nickeas—a Tribune veteran—they “felt betrayed by leadership” in the insurrection.

‘A terrible error.’ The wife of the CEO of the real estate firm @Properties—you know, the company that fired an agent who attended the attempted coup—is apologizing for having featured a QAnon-themed display at her suburban clothing shop.

‘There might be bags of human hair stashed in a few places.’ The Trib’s Rex Huppke makes up President Trump’s Inauguration Day letter to Joe Biden.
The New Yorker’s cover bids Trump a fine feathered farewell.
A history prof in The Atlantic: “Trump is the worst president America has ever had.”
Stephen Colbert’s “Melania Trump”—actor Laura Benanti—belted out a musical signoff from her long-running parody role.

First, a memorial. Then a celebration. Mayor Lightfoot is calling on Chicago residents and businesses to turn off lights and electronics for 10 minutes tonight at 6 in remembrance of COVID-19’s victims.
The progressive political group Indivisible Chicago is planning an online inauguration party Wednesday night.
Biden’s set to ask the Senate to, for the first time, approve the nomination of an openly transgender federal official.
NBC News is live-blogging the run-up to the inauguration. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

‘I will tell it again until no other woman in the city of Chicago is ever treated that way again.’ The woman handcuffed and left naked as Chicago cops wrongly raided her home, Anjanette Young, marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a vow to keep sharing her story.
A Chicago cop is suing the city, complaining he was demoted after refusing to comply with what he considers “illegal policing tactics,” setting arrest and traffic stop quotas.
Politico drills down into the Illinois Senate’s passage of a historic criminal justice reform plan headed to Gov. Pritzker’s desk.

Coming back: Museums and more. Chicago’s bound for the less-restrictive Tier 2 of Illinois’ coronavirus safety plan—meaning a revival for cultural institutions, small fitness classes and some recreational sports.
But COVID-19 mutations are spreading.
Tufts University researchers warn of the possibility that the virus could find refuge—for a later return to humans—in wildlife.

You’re welcome, New York. The Mets have fired their general manager …
 … who was the Cubs’ professional scouting director when ESPN reports he “sent explicit, unsolicited texts and images to a female reporter.”

‘One less watchdog.’ Media writer Robert Feder mourns Steve Rhodes’ decision to suspend his 15-year-old Chicago news and journalism criticism website, The Beachwood Reporter.
Poynter’s Tom Jones: “Fox News has stepped in it again.”

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