Vaccine volunteers? / All the crimes / 'Stop being wussies!'

Vaccine volunteers? The University of Illinois at Chicago is looking for 1,000 people to help test a preventative COVID-19 shot …
 … with bonus points for those 65 and older.
A potential breakthrough in England: Researchers say a cheap, widely available steroid has cut deaths among severely ill hospitalized COVID patients by up to a third.
The Conversation: How to decide when to see your doc in person about non-coronavirus matters.
A University of Pittsburgh immunology professor: People are still getting sick from COVID-19 spreading through the air.
 Airlines are gearing up to take a hard line on face-covering policies.
 The Daily Beast: As people travel more for work and summer vacations, researchers see the pandemic spreading along the country’s major highways.
 Demand for bikes has led to worldwide shortages.
High-intensity exercise with a mask on carries its own risks.
As a growing number of gyms and other businesses ask customers to sign COVID-19 waivers, a University of Oregon law professor cautions against “taking a gamble with your legal rights.”

‘But put on some pants—please.’ In a self-mocking video, Mayor Lightfoot encourages Chicagoans to go out again.

 Chicago's bars and breweries can reopen tomorrow.
A Tribune editorial: “Can we keep dining in the streets?
Doctors counsel patio diners to remain careful.
Millennium Park is back—with some limits.
Chicago’s Lakefront Trail reopens Monday.
A plan to minimize evictions through the pandemic is advancing in the City Council.
The Onion:City Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Over.”

All the crimes. Loop North News has rounded up 238 crime reports filed in downtown Chicago’s 42nd Ward as protests and violence surged the weekend of May 30-31.
Gone in the destruction: An iconic mural featured in The Blues Brothers.
Politico: Get ready for fireworks” in tomorrow’s City Council meeting as aldermen consider a plan to kill the $33 million contract that puts Chicago cops in public schools.
The police union is objecting to Lightfoot’s choice of co-chair for a panel to review cops’ use of force: The great aunt of a man killed by police in 2016—a woman who yesterday referred to officers as “psychopaths with guns.”
The Illinois Supreme Court is set to rule tomorrow on whether records of complaints against Chicago cops should be destroyed after five years.

Back with the wind. HBO Max says it’ll restore Gone With the Wind to its movie lineup—with newly added historical context from a University of Chicago professor.
Comedian Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix (and free on YouTube) special is “less of a standup routine and more a group therapy session.”
NBC’s Chicago-based TV dramas are under the microscope from critics concerned about “copaganda.”

Phone dead? If your mobile device stopped working for a time yesterday, this may be why.
Ex-eBayers behaving badly: The feds have charged six former eBay workers with terrorizing an editor and publisher who’d criticized the company.

‘Stop being wussies!’ Columnist and veteran Chicago journalist Charlie Madigan prescribes remedies for “this disease thing, this racism thing, this trouble in the streets thing.”
As President Trump’s controversial choice to lead the Voice of America takes over, the organization’s two top executives—including its Pulitzer-winning director—have quit.

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