'The president … is a threat' / WGN shake-up / 'This is not Mars'

‘The president of the United States … is a threat to virtually everything that the United States should stand for.’ The New York Times’ David Leonhardt reaches that conclusion after recounting 40 true things about Donald Trump.
 The Daily Beast:The president has all but ’fessed up to his latest impeachable offense, and Republicans are shrugging.”
The AP explains Trump’s connections with Joe Biden, his son and Ukraine. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

The president’s lawyers say they don’t have an impeachment defense team—because, Politico reports, that “would be a giant red flag.” But they do.
Also from Politico: One reason the president’s dithering on gun-control policy is that his staff—and his family—are split.
A United Nations session today on climate change isn’t on the agenda for the president’s three-day U.N. visit.
Block Club Chicago: Trump supporters from California came to Chicago to accuse a pastor of “training illegal aliens”—but she says they went to the wrong place.

‘A good-hearted guy’ with a gun. After concealed-carry gun owner Derrick Gholston was robbed at gunpoint, he went after the perpetrators as they proceeded to rob a barbershop—where he and one of the perpetrators were killed.
Police say a man was shot and killed by a carjacker late last night in Logan Square.
A man accused of shooting a Chicago cop in Englewood and a woman in the Fulton River District faces attempted murder charges, to be detailed by police this morning.
Gary’s city council president has been arrested for firing a gun in East Chicago at teenagers he found in his stolen car and kidnapping one of the kids back to Gary.

‘Second-hand smoke is second-hand smoke.’ A Sun-Times editorial calls on lawmakers to close a loophole in Illinois’ marijuana law that lets people smoke pot even where they can’t smoke tobacco.
Illinois is joining almost two dozen other states to sue the Trump administration for states’ right—specifically, California’s right—to impose tougher limits on automotive pollution.

Biking while black. Chicago cops are writing fewer tickets to bicyclists, but the Tribune’s Mary Wisniewski reports most of them are issued in poor—primarily African American—neighborhoods.
A Trib editorial calls on CTA riders to do more to thwart transit crime: Look up from those phones.
Thousands of travelers around the world were stranded after the British tour company Thomas Cook canceled all its flights and hotel services and laid off all its employees …
 … setting the stage for the “biggest peacetime repatriation in U.K. history.”

‘If ever I forgot to recycle at home she would yell at me that I was destroying Hannah’s future world.’ The man whose pregnant wife was struck and killed by a truck in downtown Chicago—and whose newborn baby, delivered after the accident, died Saturday—recalls her as someone who did all she could to make the world a better place.
A man who drove an SUV into Woodfield Mall Friday was being treated for behavioral issues, and police say no charges will be filed until he’s released.
The Healthy Kids Running Series is a Chicago Public Square advertiser.

WGN shake-up. Media watchdog Robert Feder reports WGN Radio manager Todd Manley is out—fired the day after the Nexstar Media Group took over Tribune Media …
 … and the day after the company’s CEO told WGN’s former corporate sibling, the Tribune, that the radio station could be sold “for the right price.”

‘This legend is gonna kick your ass.’ In a skit at last night’s Emmy awards show, Oak Park native Bob Newhart reminded Ben Stiller he’s not dead.
In accepting her second annual award for supporting comedy actress, Highland Park-born and Deerfield-raised Alex Borstein honored her grandmother, who survived the Holocaust.
Vulture: This year’s awards “more blatantly leaned toward the future than the Emmys ever have before.”

‘This is not Mars.’ But skies in a province of Indonesia turned Mars-red over the weekend—a side-effect, well documented across social media, of widespread forest fires.
A Lincoln Park photographer is sharing stunning shots of lightning over Chicago.

Thanks …
 … to reader Mike Braden for a reminder that the United Nations comprises more than one nation.

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