Police shooting / Natal nudge / Defender surrender

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Police shooting. Developing coverage: A Chicago officer this morning shot a person on the West Side.
Over the long Independence Day weekend, police report shootings left at least 6 dead and 62 hurt.

Divvy’s coming. The expansion of Chicago’s bike-sharing system to all 50 wards begins with community meetings to discuss where to place Divvy stations on the Far South Side. (Photo: Brian Crawford in the Chicago Public Square Flickr group, where you can share your photos, too.)
A Sun-Times editorial: Safety remains a big concern for Chicago’s scooters.
A Tribune editorial: “If scooter chaos prevails, they won’t make it past the pilot stage.”
A single-car crash along Sheridan Road in Rogers Park early today left a man dead.

‘They knew they had to get Chicago out.’ The chief officer in Chicago’s failed bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games reflects on new testimony that bribery sent the games to Rio.
During Fox News’ live coverage of the U.S. victory over the Netherlands in Women’s World Cup soccer, a crowd of Americans in France chanted “F__k Trump” …
 … as fans at the stadium chanted “Equal pay!” …
 … to celebrate a victory that one analyst says has painted President Trump into a political corner. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
The Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins: “Now the gentlemen at U.S. Soccer can explain … why these women deserve less in performance bonuses and appearance fees than a men’s team that has never won jack.”
After watching the U.S. men’s soccer team lose the Gold Cup at Soldier Field, a “very lucky” woman fell 40 feet from an upper level—but escaped major injury.

‘Watching @FoxNews weekend anchors is worse than watching low ratings Fake News @CNN.’ In a late-night Twitter rant, Trump uncharacteristically went after Fox.
Investigative journalist Carl Bernstein—who broke the Nixon Watergate scandal—says reporters have “made a big mistake”  in covering coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Trump.

Natal nudge. The CTA’s getting ready to roll out buttons pregnant women can wear to remind fellow riders they could use a seat.
A Brown University economist examines a new study that asks whether it’s OK for expectant mothers to smoke pot. Tl;dr: Probably not a great idea except for those fighting nausea.
Etiquette guru Lizzie Post’s counsel on pot or not as Illinois preps for legalization: “Every home, every person should have their own policy.”

‘Penis protection plan.’ The nonprofit Nature Conservancy is wrestling with what Politico calls “years of complaints about discriminatory treatment of employees, especially women.”
Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington on California’s law forbidding discrimination against black people based on their hairstyles: “The rest of the nation should follow suit.”
The Trib’s Dahleen Glanton hails presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren: “No one … is better positioned to champion the advancement of African American women … than someone who has spent her entire career going up against big business.”
Intercept columnist Mehdi Hasan: “Nancy Pelosi Has Chosen Her War, and It’s With Her Own Party’s Future.”

Defender surrender. Wednesday brings the final print edition of the 114-year-old African American newspaper, the Chicago Defender—which is going all-digital.
As one town’s only newspaper plans to fold Aug. 31, a journalism professor predicts: “Democracy, as we know it, is about to die” in Youngstown, Ohio.
CNN’s Brian Stelter: The arrest of wealthy sex offender—and Trump and Clinton pal—Jeffrey Epstein “shows the power of one newspaper’s investigation.”
Who wants to buy Univision?

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