Lightfoot's Job 1? / Mueller team cracks / Robocall defenses

Lori Lightfoot’s Job 1? The Tribune’s John Kass says Chicago’s next mayor “should call out the notorious mega real estate development known as Lincoln Yards … and demand the City Council delay next week’s scheduled vote.”

Kass colleague Eric Zorn: “Chicago is all but officially Lori Lightfoot’s city now. And when she holds up the stop sign … it’s time to mash on the brakes.”
Politico surveys the experts on how Lightfoot won. (Photo: Lightfoot for Chicago.)
Columnist Steve Chapman: “An uncharismatic gay black woman who has never held elective office … was the most surprising election winner since—well, since Donald Trump.”
Even one of losing candidate Toni Preckwinkle’s campaign staffers voted for Lightfoot.

Chicago, ‘a democratic socialist city.’ In commentary for the Trib, co-chairs of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America note that Lightfoot’s City Council will have “more socialist … members than any major U.S. city in modern history” …
 … giving them at least a tenth of the seats in the council …
 … with at least one more on the line in a cliffhanger ward.
A departing alderman is accused of raiding the council’s Progressive Caucus budget for purchases at a suburban lingerie and sex-toy shop.

Lightfoot and ‘Mayor Pete.’ Lightfoot’s overwhelming victory and presidential candidate “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg’s surging presidential campaign suggest a breakthrough moment for LGBT politicians and voters.
The Daily Beast: Conservatives Have No Idea How to Handle Buttigieg.”
A bunch of Washington Post photos show President Trump with aides and advisers who are almost exclusively white and overwhelmingly male.
Genetic tests of Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski’s remains suggest Pulaski was biologically female.

Mueller team cracks. Bloomberg Opinion executive editor Timothy O’Brien: Attorney General William Barr’s proclamations about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian meddling “have so disconcerted members of Mueller’s once tight-lipped and leak-proof team that they’ve become chatty” …
 … because evidence they gathered about potential obstruction of justice by President Trump “was much more acute than Barr suggested.”
The progressive group Indivisible Chicago plans a protest in downtown Chicago this afternoon to press for public release of the full Mueller report …
 … which the House Judiciary Committee is also demanding.

Corporate raiders. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is proposing changes to make it easier to jail executives of companies that commit crimes.
In the House, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rips into corporate forced arbitration clauses, which “essentially absolve [companies] from almost any form of corporate misconduct.”
The Post: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “undid 213 years of Senate history in 33 minutes.”

A Chicago Public Square advertiser.

Facebook F-ups. Millions of Facebook users’ personal information was posted publicly on Amazon’s cloud computing servers …
 … and, in what ZDNet calls an “appalling lack of security awareness,” Facebook has also been asking users for their email account passwords …
 … but founder Mark Zuckerberg tells ABC News he’s “confident” about the 2020 elections.

Robocall defenses. Consumer Reports outlines some of the tools available to fight back against those annoying intrusions …
 … plus an FCC petition you can sign.
Verizon has turned on its next-gen-speed 5G wireless network in Chicago ahead of schedule …
 … but it won’t do you a bit of good unless you have one of just two phones that support 5G.

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