Lightfoot stomps Preckwinkle / White House wind / Rock station bites dust

Lightfoot stomps Preckwinkle. In an election for the ages, Chicago voters have picked their first black-female-gay mayor: Lori Lightfoot, who humiliatingly beat Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle in every ward—including Preckwinkle’s own …
 … and who says her election signals that Chicago is “a city reborn.” (Portrait: Keith Taylor.)
See Lightfoot’s victory speech and Preckwinkle’s concession …
 … or read transcripts.
Lightfoot was out on the CTA this morning, thanking voters.
The Tribune’s Dahleen Glanton: “The most remarkable thing about this historic election … is that we did not set out to make history.”
The Sun-Times’ Mary Mitchell: “Chicago was ready for change,” and it came in the form of a “short black woman with a white wife.”
The Trib’s John Kass: “Skin color is what she was born with. Lori Lightfoot made herself into a federal prosecutor with her will and smarts and the content of her character.”
A Trib editorial: How Lightfoot broke the rules and beat the establishment.

Who’s on her team? Crain’s Greg Hinz has an early line on Lightfoot’s leadership choices—but she needs to fill some gaps fast …
 … because, as the Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman explains, she faces a brain-busting roster of challenges.
Her City Council will be the least-white ever …
 … and it’ll lack the council’s second-most-senior member, Finance Committee chairman Patrick O’Connor, who waged what Chicago magazine’s Edward McClelland calls “a desperate, nasty runoff campaign.”

‘I’m not beholden to anyone.’ But Chicago’s new city treasurer is the wife of an alderman.
The Trib has detailed results for the city and suburbs.
In Wisconsin, a closely watched race suggests that state’s politics remain up for grabs.

White House wind. New York’s Jonathan Chait deconstructs President Trump’s lies about wind power.
The president is taunting ex-VP and potential presidential candidate Joe Biden over Biden’s past behavior with women: “Having a good time, Joe?
A special New York Times report on Fox News’ founder: “Murdoch and his children have toppled governments on two continents and destabilized the most important democracy on earth. What do they want?
The U.S. House Judiciary Committee has voted to subpoena the full Russian interference report from special counsel Robert Mueller.
A Chicago Public Square advertiser.

Rock station bites dust. Media watchdog Robert Feder reports the suburban station known as The Fox is about to give way to the noncommercial Christian music format that previously claimed The Loop, WLUP-FM.
Coming to Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications: A new exhibit on rock and politics.

The internet’s old-person problem. BuzzFeed News: “They have disproportionately fallen prey to the dangers of internet misinformation … a massive challenge for society given the outsize role older generations play in civic life.”
A new app, Smell MyCity, lets your report urban stink to the proper authorities.
Amazon’s struggling to get its members into Whole Foods, so it’s cutting prices.
Netflix prices rise next month.

Thanks … to reader Mike Braden, first to flag a typo in the Smell MyCity item above; and to Pam Spiegel, who caught a disoriented quotation mark.

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