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Bagels. As the internet has gone slightly nuts over the slicing of bagels like a loaf of bread—“St. Louis style”—the Jewish publication Forward explains: “Bagel Mangling Was Actually Invented By Jews.”
Riverfront Times food blogger Daniel Hill: “Bagel-Gatekeeping Elitist Nerds Can Kiss My Whole St. Louis Ass.”
Bagel outrage took center stage in the weekend’s edition of Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!
The restaurant chain that slices bagels in that fashion, Panera, has begun promoting its unorthodox ways with billboards and T-shirts.

Bagels and Nazis. New York Times editorial board member Binyamin Appelbaum reflects on the shameful heritage of the billionaire family that owns Panera—and the Einstein Bros., Noah’s and Bruegger’s bagel chains.
Tablet Magazine senior writer Liel Leibovitz in The Washington Post: I’m going to ask for my bagel sliced the new, all-American way.”

Bagel jokes. An old one in questionable taste.
Eight more suitable for all ages.
How a bagel joke made its way into Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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