Mercy mayhem / Chocolate ache / Doing the white thing

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Mercy mayhem. Updating coverage: A gunman’s attack at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital on South Michigan Avenue left four people dead: An emergency room doctor, a pharmacy resident, a Chicago police officer and the attacker himself.
The victims, profiled.
Five things about the man identified as the shooter—including his relationship to the doctor. (2008 photo: Zol87.)
It was one of at least four mass shootings across the U.S. yesterday.
A Sun-Times editorial: “Much of Chicago’s gun violence can be blamed on … lax gun laws in neighboring and nearby states.”
A lawyer for a security guard killed by a suburban cop says it’s “kind of bizarre” that an official account of the incident makes no mention of the victim.

27 coaches. They’re among hundreds of people at least temporarily forbidden from working in Chicago Public Schools after a Tribune-triggered investigation of school worker backgrounds—a review that has also resulted in dismissal of at least nine teachers.
Splitting along urban-rural lines, the Illinois Association of School Boards defeated a proposal to let school districts arm teachers.

Mayoral main event. As some of the (many!) announced candidates for mayor met in a forum yesterday, the biggest conflict developed between two women running.
At least five candidates are now officially in the race.

Chocolate ache. A Japanese company’s purchase of Blommer Chocolate casts a shadow over the future of that distinctive cocoa smell that often wafts over downtown from River West.
An activist group in Southern Illinois says it has to act as an environmental watchdog because the state won’t.

‘You are free to ask a follow-up question provided you whisper it quietly to your neighbor and do not expect it to be answered.’ The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri mocks the Trump administration’s new rules for reporters at presidential news conferences.
The White House has dropped a fight to defend its decision to strip CNN’s Jim Acosta of his press pass—but says it might try again if he keeps bothering the president.
Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email for government business is prompting calls for an investigation.

Doing the white thing. The Chicago Reporter details Target Stores’ preference for opening outlets in Chicago’s younger, wealthier, white neighborhoods—as it pulls out of the city’s largely black South Side.
Walmart is asking for return of its $2,000 contribution to the campaign of a U.S. senator who displayed a shocking comfort with the notion of public hangings.
David’s Bridal: Despite bankruptcy, existing orders are safe—and it’s taking more.
Here’s a list of the growing number of stores that will stay closed on Thanksgiving.

How to get a turkey onto a plane. The Sun-Times’ Emily McTavish has the right stuff(ing).
The Trib’s Rex Huppke shares an angry letter from a turkey: “Have a wretched Thanksgiving. I hope you’re eventually eaten by a bear.”
Critic Robert Feder anoints his Chicago media turkeys of the year.

An iPhone trick you probably didn’t know. A blessing for those with fat fingers: Press and hold the space bar.
Ex-U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich: Break up Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook.
Facebook and Instagram were suffering outages today for the second time in a week.
Amazon’s reportedly in the bidding to buy 22 regional TV sports networks.

Stones roll in. The Rolling Stones will wrap up a concert tour next year with a show at Soldier Field.
Cirque du Soleil returns to Chicago in May—at a new location.
After 20 years, the Chicago Improv Festival is done.

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