CNN sues Trump / 'Target has failed' / Stan Lee's legacy

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CNN sues Trump. The network is going to court over the White House decision to ban reporter Jim Acosta.
Vox: Democrats’ “blue wave” was much larger than reported early on.
After a long Arizona vote count, a Senate seat has flipped to Democrats.
In Illinois and across the country, momentum is building for fairer legislative maps.
The president’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general faces a legal challenge
… as the president’s reportedly considering axing other top officials of his administration.

Thanks for playing, Chicago. Amazon’s passing up the city in its corporate HQ quest
… but the company still employs more than 12,000 people in Illinois.
A judge has ordered Amazon to hand over Echo recordings made at a home where two women were murdered.

‘Target has failed.’ Accusing the chain of “ghettoizing” the Chicago stores it’s planning to close, Congressman Bobby Rush is calling for a Black Friday boycott of Target’s State Street store.
Tribune columnist Kristen McQueary: Target has chosen to “cut ties with an entire swath of a big city to focus on more affluent parts of the same big city.”
Pepperidge Farm has laid off dozens of workers at its Downers Grove bakery.

‘They really want to create addicts.’ Mayor Emanuel’s administration is suing online e-cigarette retailers it says sold the things to minors.
By the way: The radio company whose website filed the report linked above is advertising e-cigs on-air and online.
The latest of 18 candidates to declare for the Chicago mayor’s job: A West Side state lawmaker.
PolitiFact’s issues to watch in the mayor’s race.

Swastika arrest. Police have arrested a student accused of blasting a Nazi symbol to students’ phones during an Oak Park and River Forest High School rally last week.
A British couple who named their son “Adolf” have been found guilty of membership in a banned Nazi group.

Stan Lee’s legacy. Marvel Comics’ progenitor, who died Monday at 95, leaves a body of work that condemned racism and bigotry—including a 1968 “soapbox” column as timely today as it was then.
In what was billed as his last pop-culture convention appearance in Chicago, Lee last year declared “Nerdism is the highest state of mankind.”
Lee had filmed at least one more of his trademark cameos for a Marvel movie set to be released next year.
As he died, Lee faced a civil lawsuit in Chicago, accused of a lewd assault.
The Onion: Stan Lee, Creator Of Beloved Marvel Character Stan Lee, Dead At 95.”

‘This isn’t just my lane. It’s my f__king highway.’ A forensic pathologist who fired back at the National Rifle Association for its complaint about doctors working to prevent gun deaths shares her perspective in a first-person essay.
Vox: One state offers a model for dealing with gun violence.

‘Throughout history, women have been … silenced.’ In an essay for Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky explains why she participated in a new documentary series, The Clinton Affair.
Chicago bookstores are bracing for a Michelle Obama wave.

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