Chicago 2050 / Election guide / Radio star's return

Chicago 2050. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning has released an updated vision for the middle of the century—stressing the creation of opportunities in struggling neighborhoods.
Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas proposes to let landlords turn more unfinished and unproductive spaces into apartments.

This weekend, Open House Chicago invites people—free—into some of the city’s most curiosity-inducing buildings.

‘Cheeseburgers are out, and fruits and veggies are in.’ The Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach summarizes a new report on the challenges facing Earth’s ability to feed a population approaching 10 billion by midcentury.
The Guardian: States hit by Hurricane Michael are “led by climate deniers.”
Continual updates: Michael ripped homes apart or washed them away altogether.

Election guide. Don’t cast your ballot in ignorance. Start your homework now.
Endorsements so far from the Sun-Times and the Tribune.
All the bar associations’ ratings of judges and candidates for judge.
Requests for mail-in ballots are on track to pass a Chicago record
… and you can still register to vote in Illinois.
How to register in suburban Cook County and in Chicago.
Early in-person voting begins Oct. 22—and you don’t need an excuse to do so.

‘Poster child for bad government.’ That’s how mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot describes ex-Cook County Democratic Party Chairman and departing Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios—set to be honored at a party fundraiser today.
Mayor Emanuel surprised friendly aldermen with campaign checks for $20,000
… which some of them may need to fend off challenges from the young activists who pushed for justice in the police murder of Laquan McDonald.

Radio star’s return. Kathy Hart, mostly absent from the airwaves for more than a year since her split with her longtime WTMX partner Eric Ferguson, is booked for a few shows on WGN.*
Longtime Chicago TV anchor Warner Saunders is dead at 83. (Photo: NBC 5.)

Fake news … paper op-ed. The Post’s analysis of President Trump’s opinion piece published by USA Today found a falsehood in almost every sentence.
NYU journalism prof Jay Rosen: “If they correct or apologize … Trump jumps on that with glee.”
Emanuel to Chicago reporters: “You’re getting played” covering Trump’s tweets.
The Tribune’s Dahleen Glanton to the president: “Butt out of Chicago’s business.”

Moonmoons. Moons can have moons and that’s what they’re called.
A moon rock discovered on earth is up for auction over the next week.

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