Amazon delivers raises / Pritzker's potty problem / 3 questions

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Amazon delivers raises. It’s increasing its minimum wage to $15 an hour as of Nov. 1—boosting pay for a quarter of a million employees …
… including Whole Foods workers
… and it’s giving author Neil Gaiman a raise, too.

‘College completion crisis.’ Dozens of Illinois universities are teaming up in a campaign to help more working-class and minority students make it to graduation.
Chicago’s plan to sell a multimillion-dollar piece of public art is under fire.
Search an interactive New York Times map to see the projected adult household income for poor kids raised in your community.

Pritzker’s potty problem. The chief watchdog for Cook County government accuses Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker of “a scheme to defraud” the county by removing toilets and otherwise letting a home he’d bought fall into disrepair to win tax breaks.
The Rauner campaign pinched out a quick response (third item in a Capitol Fax roundup).
Read the full report here.

Bike path death. Police are looking for the killer of a man along a lakefront trail through Rogers Park late Monday—just blocks from where an elderly man was shot and killed while walking his dogs Sunday.

Three questions. The Daily Beast’s Harry Siegel suggests what FBI agents should ask Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s old friends to prove he lied to Congress.
Politico: … and they should definitely ask about boofing.
Updating coverage: Kavanaugh’s former high school friend Mark Judge has reportedly finished his grilling by the FBI.
A former Yale classmate says Kavanaugh once started a bar fight that prompted a police report. (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)
Kavanaugh’s testimony to the Senate last week is looking increasingly holey.
Kavanaugh’s out as a teacher at Harvard Law
… but he still can coach girls basketball.
Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin: It’ll come down to a “jury of three” Republican senators, who The Washington Post says hold “immense power” over the process.

‘I know you’re not thinking. You never do.’ The official transcript of a Trump news conference yesterday edited out the president’s insult of a female reporter.
Foreign Policy: The Trump administration is denying visas to diplomats’ same-sex partners—including those from countries where same-sex marriage is illegal.
In the only national hearing on the Trump administration’s pro-coal energy emissions plans, Chicagoans—including a flock of Girl Scouts—turned out to protest.
A Fox News staffer fired for calling Kavanaugh’s accusers “skanks” is calling out unfaithful men at the network.
The Onion: Nation Urged To Be Extra Sensitive To Men Reliving Trauma Of Not Getting Something.”

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