'The most enraging part' / Grocery stores closing / WGN deadline

‘The most enraging part.’ Journalist Glenn Jeffers says a lot of people are missing the point in reporting about a man’s verbal assault on a woman wearing a Puerto Rico shirt at a Cook County Forest Preserve—and a district cop’s inaction: “It isn’t enough to see this guy as an asshole and this cop as a useless f__k. You have to see her. Watch the video again” …

… as you can do here.
Heavy.com rounds up five facts about suspect Timothy G. Trybus, including No. 4: “He Likes Several Trump & Republican-Related Pages on Facebook” …
… and five facts about the officer, Patrick Connor, including No. 1: “A 10-Year Veteran of the Forest Preserve Police Department … Has Previously Been Disciplined.”
Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on Connor: “Disciplinary action … will be taken.”

Whoops. A Cook County judge faces a misdemeanor charge after sheriff’s deputies reported that he dropped a pistol in the main county criminal courthouse’s lobby.
A Chicago cop who killed two people in a controversial shooting has been acquitted in a separate case of beating two men in a bar fight.
Chicago’s airport security workers have lost a fight to keep calling themselves “police.”

Grocery stores closing. Four Illinois locations are among 15 targeted as The Fresh Market retreats.
REI is moving its Chicago store to a new location on the riverfront.
Macy’s is warning customers their information may have been hacked.

For sale: The Onion. Two years after buying the Chicago-based satire site, Univision is putting it—and its siblings in the Gizmodo Media Group—on the market.
The A.V. Club’s appeal to potential billionaire buyers: “This site is driven by love—not just of art, but of the conversations and feelings that art spawns—and you’d have to be some sort of … f__king morons not to be able to make money off of that.”
Gizmodo:AT&T’s Big Plan for HBO Is to Fill It With More Random Trash Like Netflix.”

WGN deadline. With just hours left for the public to comment on Trump-friendly Sinclair Broadcast Group’s plan to acquire Tribune Media—parent to Chicago’s WGN-TV and Radio—the ACLU is issuing an urgent call to action.
Other groups across a wide political spectrum are encouraging the FCC at least to delay a decision.
From October: How to file a comment directly with the FCC.

Trump, tool? New York’s Jonathan Chait explores the possibility Donald Trump has been a Russian asset since … 1987?
Updating coverage: Trump’s NATO visit.

Trump ‘plans to overturn #MeToo.’ Columnist S.E. Cupp warns: “The mistake will be in assuming he can’t turn back the clock. He can, and he will try.”
The Chicago Fire Department has reluctantly improved its treatment of pregnant and nursing employees.
You can help women in prison—“the great, great majority [for] non-violent offenses”—by donating books.

Behind ‘The Straight Dope.’ Ed Zotti, the man who does “all the typing and research” for “the world’s smartest human being,” Cecil Adams, talks to WTTW about the end of The Reader’s long-running column explaining everything.
In a long-unheard 1996 radio interview, Zotti talked about what (then) was the toughest question the Straight Dope team had tackled.

Take this job and shove it. In what generally is perceived as a sign of economic optimism, the proportion of U.S. workers quitting their jobs has reached a 17-year high.
One Illinois examines the effect Trump’s trade war is having on Illinoisans, pro and con.

‘Don’t brag about how great your vacation was.’ Mary Schmich’s guide for people just back in town.
But you have Chicago Public Square’s permission to boast about what you eat at Taste of Chicago, which opens today …
… and also about any free Slurpees you score today, 7/11.

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